How to Create Guild in Ys 6 Mobile VNG

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Playing the Ys 6 Mobile VNG is more enjoyable when you have friends to play with. The Guild is the best feature in the game to communicate and participate in various dungeon and boss hunts with people you know or just met in the game. Creating or joining a guild has certain requirements, which are outlined in this guide.

How to Create Guild

In order to create a guild in Ys 6 Mobile, you need at least 800 Emelas (Bound). Emelas (Bound) is the currency used in game and can be acquired through a variety of methods such as completing quests, defeating monsters, or purchasing them from the cash shop.

If you have the requirement, go to the bottom menu and select Guild from the options.

From there, go to Create Guild Tab. Write your desired guild name and select a region for the guild. The available regions are Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. You can also add a description for your guild.

The catch is that your guild must meet a specific number of guild members for your guild to be created. If you don’t have enough members, the creation will fail and you won’t get your Emelas back.

How to Join Guild

Or, you could join an existing guild and enjoy their community. This would be a great way to meet new people who share your interests, and learning their culture.

To join a guild, just click on the Guild icon and there should be Join Guild Tab. If you are having trouble finding it, just restart the game and you should find the icon for it..

Then locate the one you wish to join. Then, wait for the leader to accept your request. Once that happens, you will be officially a part of the guild!

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