Flyff Universe is now Available on your Web Browser, SEA Server is now Open

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Gala Lab Corp finally released the Early Access to their much-awaited game Flyff Project M, now rebranded as Flyff Universe. The global launch will be available soon, but players in South East Asia including the Philippines can now play the early access of the game. It will be playable on PC, Mac, Mobile through any web browser.

Update as of 05/18/2022: SEA Players can now play the game at Server is now open.

Flyff Universe is a MMORPG that faithfully recreates the old school Flyff PC game, but with modern technology that makes it playable on any platform. The open world game allows players to explore the magical world of Madrigal. Players start their journey in the home village of Flaris and can traverse to other maps like Saint City, Mars Dungeon and Darkon to fight monsters. Aside from that, Quality of life are also added to bring Flyff to modern era of gaming.

What’s more, it is a crossroads for all your favorite Flyff versions, which means any features from different Flyff game are added into this game. Such as: you can select a user interface themes from Flyff Gold, Flyf fly for fun, Flyff Masquerade and Flyff Legacy.

With the new engine, it provide players with an immersive and realistic experience where players can enable graphics enhancements like antialiasing, post-processing, advanced shaders, and more. The developers have also promised to monitor the game closely to ensure a safe and friendly environment for all players with the help of active game masters and developers.


Flyff Universe also features 4 different classes with two subclass for each:

  • Mercenary
    • Knight – can wield two-handed weapon like massive sword or axes with incredible defensive capability for tanking party members.
    • Blade – a dual wielder of sword or axes, it can fight close combat and push their damage output to the limits.
  • Acrobat
    • Ranger – equipped with bow and arrow, he can strike enemies from afar with wide variety of skill to provide allies with offensive support.
    • Jester – surprisingly attack enemies with his yoyo, Jesters use a wide range of skills that the enemy will have hard time hitting or catching him.
  • Magician
    • Elementor – Utilize the elemental magic to cast a spell to the enemy, it can strike multiple enemies at once with its wide range of spells.
    • Psykeepers – uses their magical power with control capabilities, it wields a wand that can take down single target in a distance.
  • Assist
    • Ringmaster – Using its heal abilities, it can protect its allies and support them in any battle.
    • Billposter – A knuckle wielding class with variety of burst skills that are useful for any situation.


During the launch, players can select up to 4 different server:

  • Lawolf
  • Mia
  • Kern
  • Glaphan

For those who are interested with this new Flyff Universe, you can check their game at their official website at We will also be playing so see you in-game on the Lawolf server!

Pre-registration for all regions will be also be available on May 18. Playing the Early Access means the server might be unstable, but character progression during this period will not lose.

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