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In the MMORPG game Ys 6 Mobile VNG, there are many events players can participate in every day. These include defeating dungeon instances, checking NPC friends, and guild activities. But there is one event that will test your knowledge and without a “kodigo” or much experience in the game, this event can be difficult for some players.

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  1. List of All Polymath Questions and Answers
  2. Event Rewards

The hardest event is the Polymath Q/A event where players have to answer a quiz with 10 questions. If they get one wrong, they can’t go back and try again and the more wrong answers you have, the less rewards you’ll get. You can only participate on this event once a day and can only participate once you reached level 33.

In this guide, we will show you all of the list of possible questions and its answers.

List of All Polymath Questions and Answers

Below are the list of questions and answers. This is still WIP, so we need your help on answering for some questions that do not have answer yet.

You can search your question or answer on the search box below.

How to open the map?Tap on the map name in the upper right corner
Regarding equipment enhancement, what is the correct statement?When changing equipment, the enhancement level is automatically transferred to the new equipment
How to activate the Enhance Grandmaster 1 tier?All equipment enhanced to Lv.2
Should the N and R Soul Cards be enhanced?Yes, the materials will be returned when dissolved
How to improve attack power after equipping the new Soul Card?Enhance Soul Card (return materials when dissolved)
Which of the following is the main way to obtain equipment and equipment materials?Gear Trial
What operations can be performed to prevent the level of the enhancement equipment from being lowered when it fails?Use Dragon Cliff Crystal
What quality equipment can be produced by Equipment Crafting?Red
What are the necessary materials for strengthening equipment?Gaia Stone
What are the necessary materials for making jewelry?
Which of the following is the main way to obtain Soul Card?Extra Story-Raid
What are the main materials for enhancing Soul Cards?Stardust
What is the function of the Wishing Star?Extract soul cards and related materials
How can you refresh the stats entry of the Soul Card?Soul Card Reforging
Which of the following events give Hero Shards?Treasure Ocean (correct)
What is the function of the Hero Guardian?Acquire guardian skills
What materials do heroes need to ascend?Holy Spirit
How to improve hero enhancement level?Use Holy Spirit
How many days can you participate in the Delusion Tower every week?Tue, Thu (correct)
How many floors can you challenge in the Delusion Tower?Stage 12
Delusion Tower’s unlock level is?Lv35
The event requires a team of 3 members to join is?Sky Arena (Correct)
What rewards can you get for clearing the 12 level of the Delusion Tower?SSR Soul Card
What do I need to redeem for skill points?EXP and Silver (correct)
How to do as much damage as possible with similar power?Reasonable allocation of skill points
What can you do with the experience gained after the full level?Redeem skill points
How can you change class?Complete the class changing process
How many stages are there in the class changing?4
How many change options are there for each class?2
What is the function of class changing?All three are right
How can you get the best reward in BOSS RUSH?Quest completed, obtain higher Quest Star level
How do we decide the outcome in the Guild League?Occupy the loot point
When is the Guild League held every week?Fri
What activities are pets acquired mainly through?Treasure Ocean
How can you get a second-generation pet?Pet breeding
What can a pet enhancement do?Upgrade pet stats
Which of the following is not the effect of pet rebirth?Let pets produce

Improve pets growth value
Which of the following pet characters can increase attack power?Passionate
How to quickly improve the pet level?Use Exotic Fruits
Which of the following is not for Manor system?Practice swimming
Which of the following is not material that is used for upgrading Manor?Rope
What are the benefits of being a chef at the manor?Enhance power through cooking
What is the role of the Agency in the manor?Recruit excellent residents
What determines the upper limit of residents in the manor?Resident level
What rewards can I get in the guild banquet by tasting the main course?Lots of EXP
What is the effect of adding dishes in guild banquet?Increase EXP obtained
After reaching the number of Equipment Trial challenges, what rewards can you get for another challenge?Friend C.
What rewards can be obtained in Equipment Trials of level 40 or higher?Equipment making materials
How many people can challenge together at most in the extra story?1 players
In addition to the Soul Card, what rewards can you get in the extra story?Wishing Star
What quality Soul Cards can be reforged?Wrong:
No request
Who is the protagonist of the second chapter in the extra story?Geis
What additional Soul Card Blessing can be obtained in the first 3 times each day?Extra exp points
How many times can Treasure Ocean be challenged every day?2 times
Which boss needs to be defeated in Treasure Ocean?Bearded Captain
Which of the following is a reward from Treasure Ocean?All (correct)
What should be paid attention to when carrying out the Treasure Ocean?Need to defeat Beard as soon as possible
When does the Dimensional Fissure open every week?Mon, Wed, Sat
How many types of bosses are there in the Dimensional Fissure?3 pieces
What events can I participate in to get Sword Spirits and Bracelet crafting materials?Emblem Store
How does Dimensional Fissure unlock higher-star challenge qualifications?Lead the team through the preset star level
What are the stats contained in the Dimensional Fissure?Fire, thunder, water
How often is the Pikato Arresting opened 1 times a day?30 minutes
When arresting Pikatos, how to challenge when all the Pikatos of a path are defeated?Switch channels in the map (Correct)
What rewards can I get for capturing Pikato?Enhance cookies and pet skill book
What will happen if I encounter Elite Pikatos in Pikato Arresting?Capture! Get better rewards
How long do the Pikatos stay in Pikato Arresting?15 minutes
How many time slots are there in the Stronghold Battlefield every day?Wrong: 4
What is the main goal of the stronghold battlefield?Maintain more control over the stronghold
Which of the following events give Battle Emblems?Stronghold Battlefield and Sky Arena (Corect)
How to use the Battle Emblem?Emblem Store in the Store (correct)
How to enhance your Military Rank in Stronghold Battle?Defeat the enemies and occupy strongholds
What special items can be obtained by participating in the Guild Expedition?Gem
What is the weekly event time of Guild Expedition?Wed at 20:00, Sun at 20:00
How does the Guild Expedition get the qualification to enter the main hall?The first damage of any branch Boss (correct)
What can I do when being the first to cause damage to the Boss in Guild Expedition?Sky Arena (Correct)
What can I do when killing the Boss in Guild Expedition?Get extra rewards (correct)
What are the special rules of the Sky Arena?Team’s HP is shared (correct)
What is the tip for victory in the Sky Arena?Reasonable class mix (correct)
Which of the following rewards can be obtained through Sky Arena?Sword spirit and shards
When is the Sky Arena held every week?Mon
Through which events can artworks be obtained?Mechanic Awaken
How many times can you participate in Mechanic Awaken every day?5 times
Which of the following events give the most EXP?Mechanic Awaken (correct)
How to participate in Mechanic Awaken to gain extra experience?Team up with friends (Correct)
What is the main function of artwork?Vending by sea

Sell ​​to the store for money
What currency can be obtained through the Arena?Arena Points
How many times can the Arena be challenged every day?5 times
What is the highest rank in the Arena?Wrong:
Which member of the Arena cannot participate in the battle?Mercenary
What store can you buy the Ring Soul Card?Arena Points Store (Correct)
What is the normal event time for the Class Competition?Tue 20:00
How many of the top players in the Class Competition can enter 1vs1 PK?
Which of the following is not a benefit of joining a Guild?Participate in limited guild events
Which of the following attributes cannot be improved by Guild skills?Charm stat
Who in the Guild can send Emelas free of charge to other members?Guild Red Packet
In which Guild event can you challenge the difficult Bosses with Guild fellows?Guild Expedition
When will the Guild League be held every week after the server is opened?Fri
Which of the following events do not need to join a guild?
What way can you quickly find the overlord in the map?Open the Overlord system
What rewards can you get for defeating all the masters on each map?Powerful Soul Card
Where can you check the progress of the Overlord Challenge?Open the Overlord system
Defeat all overlords in Rehda’s Community can unlock what reward?Ord Soul Card (Correct)
Which of the following actions cannot be done in the Adventure Tea House?Drink wine
Which of the following ways can improve Olha’s friendliness?Give away Friendship gift
Which of the following is Friendship rewards?All of the above
Which of the following can get the friend’s friendship item?All of the above
At what level can you go to the Adventure Tea House to make medicines?35
How to check the acquisition status of the wild treasure chest on each map?Open the map of Adventure Tea House
How to unlock Olha’s favorite items?Chat with Olha

Chat with Isha
In addition to getting close friends, what are the rewards for romantic encounters?Cupid Treasure Chest
What is Adol’s well-known name?Red Hair Adol
Which weapon is Adol good at using?One-handed Sword
What is Adol’s greatest character trait?Beyond ordinary curiosity
Who is the protagonist of the Ys series?Adol Christin
Where is the village where Adol and the protagonist wake up?Rehda’s Village
What was the initial relationship between Rehda’s Community and Habor City?hostility

What kind of tool is the Ark of Napishtim?Control Weather Device
In the past, what caused the Ark to go rampage after taking the Black Key?Wrong:
Winged man
What is Dogi best at?Crush the wall
What is the relic creature that the Rehda’s Community has always feared?Demi-Galba
What do the murals in Forgotten Relics describe?History of Canaan
Who is the businessman in the business association in Port Rimorge who wants to stop the swirl?Baslam
Where has the Blue Key Livart been kept?Rehda’s Village
What is the well-known title of Geis?Black Mercenary
Which weapon is Olha good at using?Bow and arrow
What is the purpose of Geis coming to the Canaan Islands?Stop brother’s evil plan
Which one of the following is not Ernst’s Man-made Elf?
What is the relationship between Olha and Isha?sisters
What surrounded the Canaan Islands that prevented ships from entering or leaving freely?Maelstrom

the Fleet of Romun Empire
What is Demi-Galba?Incomplete Dragon God Soldier

Wrong (Please check if above is correct):
Underground Demon
What weapon does Dogi use?Fist
What power does the Blue Key of Livart possess?Wind
The power Golden Key Ericcil possesses is?Lightning
What power does Key of Red Blirante possess?
Who are the winged people that the Rehda tribe worship as gods?Wrong:
Who wants to fulfill the last wish of the Dark Clan and unseal the Ark to gain the power of God?
What are the sacred objects of the Rehda tribe held by the witches?Mirror of Zeme
What is the relationship between Geis and Ernst?brothers
When entering the whirlpool, who rescued Terra who was about to be blown to the sea?Adol
What is the possible consequences of the Ark of Napishtim running away?Wrong:
Swirl calm
Who has the more powerful witch powers than Olha
Which of the following statements is correct?Enhance “all” Soul Cards on your body and try to enhance to the “top level”

After the Soul Card is dissolved, the enhancement materials will not be returned
Which of the following statements is not a way to improve the combat power of Soul Cards?Only enhance good-looking Soul Cards

Reforge the orange attribute item, and enhance it to activate it
How can I get the reward of unlimited EXP in Class Competition?Participate in Preliminary (Correct)
How many times can I be revived in Class Competition?99 times (Correct)
How can I get the reward of character avatar frame in Class Competition?Obtained top 3(Correct)
Will I meet opponents of different classes in Class Competition?Will not (Correct)
In the preliminary of Class Competition, what will happen if I’m defeated?Get Stronger! Obtain random stats (Correct)
What kind is the EXP gained in the preliminary of Class CompetitionUnlimited EXP (Correct)

Event Rewards

The rewards you get from participating this event are the following:

  • 1,400,000 EXP
  • Silver Treasure Box
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  • Suryc May 14, 2022 1:57 am

    What do the murals in Forgotten Relics describe?
    Answer: History of Canaan

  • Suryc May 16, 2022 6:58 am

    Which one of the following is not Ernst’s Man-made Elf?

  • Suryc May 16, 2022 7:00 am

    Who wants to fulfill the last wish of the Dark Clan and unseal the Ark to gain the power of God?

  • Yamatano May 19, 2022 5:20 pm

    What is Dogi best at? Ans: Crush the wall


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