World 14 is now on Guardian Tales, plus free 50 Summons

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The Guardian tales is a retro-style role-playing game that features stunning pixel art graphics. It’s based on the original retro RPG games from the past and the new updates brings new elements to the game, making it more fun to play. In this update, there are a lot of changes that are worth mentioning. The first thing is the addition of new “World 14” and a new characters like the Priscilla the Vampire. In celebration, there are 50 free summons available. Those who haven’t downloaded the game yet can download it on Google Play and App Store.

You can get 50 free chances to summon heroes and equipment during the event until April 18. In World 14, you’ll be able to explore and unfold new stories in the “Demonshire.” You can enjoy quests in the area, earning rewards as you go.

The game has also introduced a new hero, and it is Priscilla, the Half Vampire. She wields magical power under Demonshire’s governor Count Claude, a noble demon mother. You can also roll her exclusive weapon Eclipse and obtained in the hero pick-up event along with Hana, Oghma, Mk.2, Mk.99 and Carol.

Players will also have a chance to participate in the sign-in event where they can received up to 1,000 free games every day for 5 days. The event will start from April 5 to May 3, 2022.

That’s it guys! Let’s revisit the game and see how you like it.

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