Remember Adventure Quest? It is still Alive and We Reunited with our 15-year old Character

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We used to play Adventure Quest together back in 2007. We recently found out that the game is still active and decided to see if our old accounts were still active too. Surprisingly, we were both able to login and picked up right where we left off 15 years ago!

The game was built in Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash) and was a popular web browser game in that year and it was developed by Artix Entertainment. Its popularity was due to the fact that it didn’t require any installation, making it accessible to everyone and that time its some kind of a new technology.

The Adventure Quest is an online RPG game that allows you to create a custom character and go on quests in order to defeat the rising evil in the land. The game features 2D drawn characters, and there are many different maps which your quests will take you to, including Frostvale, Battleon, Granemor, Lolosia and more. As you travel through these various areas, you’ll encounter monsters of different levels that you’ll need to fight in order to complete your quest.

We were curious to try the game again, but since Adobe Flash is no longer supported in any modern web browser, we didn’t know if it would still be possible. However, we found out that there is a game launcher for Windows, Mac and Linux. At first, we weren’t sure if we could still use our old account from 2007. So, we went to the “Forgot Password” page and entered the email address we used on it. Fortunately, it emailed back the list of accounts associated with that address and we were able to reunion with our beloved characters.

The game has seen too many updates, and there are already new monsters and missions in the game that may overwhelm you when you decide to come back. But the feeling of nostalgia are still in there and its just happy to see your 15 year old character well and alive. It’s rare for a developer to preserve an old game and its servers – most simply abandon them. The developers of this game have done a good job in keeping it alive for their players.

How about you? What is your story of Adventure Quest? Tell us about it as well as your level in the comment section below.

How to revisit Adventure Quest

You can download the Game Launcher at their official website at Just click the Get Launcher button on the top of the page and select your platform. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Once installed, start the Artix Game Launcher. Then at the Games tab, select Adventure Quest. Then hit the Play button to start.

You can then login your account.

If you forgot your username and password but still remember the email address that you use in Adventure Quest. Just click the Forgot Password, then Forgot Password or Username? then enter the email address. It will then email you list of the account you created for that email.

That’s it, there are also other old games from the list like the DragonFable. See you in the game!

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