My Hero Academia: tsh-sea is now Available, along with Special Modes and Amazing Rewards!

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My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero SEA (tsh-sea) is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play (April 13, 2022). Access the game and receive Katsudon (5), Drone (5), Credits (30000), Hero Coins (200), Recruit Tickets (10) and more free rewards. The dev team has also prepared a myriad of new events such as “Peacekeeping Quests” and “Operation X” for players to enjoy during the launch. A brief introduction to the game’s battle modes has been released as well, which can help new players learn how to play like a pro!

“My Hero Academia: tsh-sea” has recreated the world of the original series in 3D game graphics, while players can use exclusive Quirks with fantastic visual effects to hit their enemies to the core! The dev team is also proud to present to you “PVP Arena”, “Extraordinary Coop Battle”, “Hero Theater”, and other special modes to enrich players’ experiences in the world of heroes! As a mobile action game, “My Hero Academia: tsh-sea” not only stays true to the original works, but also has unique combat system designs.

Fair PVP Competition and Fun Hand-to-Hand Combat

As a mobile 3D action game, My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero SEA (tsh-sea) not only stays true to the original works, but also has unique character abilities and combat designs, making sure players have the most fun battle experience and enjoy fair PVP competition.

Characters in the game have different combat abilities that players can choose from. In addition, the sense of three-dimensional space and advanced gameplay with character abilities have also enriched the battle experience. Kick, punch, control, strategy, and full-screen ultimate, the game has them all!

3v3 Turn-based Arena to Create your own Battle Style

The Arena has a special 3V3 turn-based combat system where the player can choose 3 heroes and switch between them in battle.

The player doesn’t need to change the camera angle and can focus on the defense, penetration, dodge, and critical strikes of the heroes, experiencing exciting combat between multiple characters and advanced combo skills of different Quirks!

Fight opponents with Power and Strategy in “Extraordinary Coop Battle”

In “Extraordinary Coop Battle”, the player can strategize their team lineup based on enemy lineups and fight other players in all-out battles with amazing powers and strategies.

Experience Iconic Moments in the Original Series Inside “Hero Theater”

“My Hero Academia: tsh-sea” has not only recreated iconic scenes in the original series through 3D modules, but also created “Hero Theater” in-game to re-enact the iconic moments. Players can experience and relive these moments and scenes through the special 3D short animations and interactions in “Hero Theater”!

Download My Hero Academia: tsh-sea and start a thrilling battle today!

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