How to subscribe to Microsoft’s PC Game Pass in the Philippines

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Good news, Filipino gamers! Microsoft’s PC Game Pass or (XBOX Game Pass) has finally arrived in the Philippines, and it comes with a bang. With this subscription, you will have access to hundreds of quality games that can be played on your Windows PC. That’s right, it’s like Netflix but for games. And the best part is, they are offering an introductory price of PHP 49.00 for the first three months, and the monthly regular price is PHP 119 when you decided to continue the subscription.

So what games can you play on the PC Game Pass? The game pass provides access to a wide range of triple A titles such as Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy, Hitman trilogy, Forza Horizon 5 and many more. In addition, the game pass also gives you access to EA Play’s library which includes the Battlefield franchise, Star Wars and more. You can also have access to newly released title through their Day One Release section.

The regular monthly fee of just PHP 119 is an absolute steal! For context, the EA Play library alone would normally cost you $4.99 (PHP 249.00) – but the subscription exclusive to Philippines is actually cheaper than what it costs in other countries; in the United States, for example, it would set you back $9.99 (PHP 500) per month.

How to Subscribe to PC Game Pass

To subscribe to PC Game Pass, just go to, login your Microsoft account and hit the Join for PHP 49.00.

Then just follow the further steps and enter your payment method (Credit/Debit Card and PayPal). If you don’t have these two, you can use a PayMaya virtual card. Unfortunately, there are no options for GCash (But if you have their physical GCash AMEX debit card, you can use it as well – make sure you have PHP 100 balance since it has a temporary verification fee of PHP 50 in which it will automatically be credited back in your account in a days or weeks).

You will then asked to download the XBOX App. If you are using Windows 11, you can access the games you want through the Microsoft Store but still required you to use XBOX App to install it.

Games from Electronic Arts (EA) can be downloaded separately from their own launcher and you have to sync or link your PC Game Pass with your EA Play’s account to activate the license.

How to link PC Game Pass with EA Play

After you completed the subscription, you can download EA’s games by downloading the EA launcher (formerly Origin). To do this, open XBOX App, then go to Game Pass tab. From here, scroll down and look for the Beta EA Play, then click the See Games.

You can then download the EA APP by clicking the Install the EA App button.

Install the app and then just follow the further step.

To link your account, just go back to the Beta EA Play page earlier and click the Explore The EA App button again. From here, you’ll be asked to sign-in your EA account (If you don’t have account, just create a new one). Once you’re signed in, it will ask permission to link your accounts. Just click Link Accounts and you’re all set!

Once done, you can now download games from EA. However, there are also tons of unlisted games on the PC Games Pass but listed on EA Play, so be sure to check them out too!

Microsoft’s XBOX Game Pass is an incredible value for gamers in the Philippines. You have access to hundreds of quality games, including triple A titles and EA Play’s library. With such an amazing selection of games at such a low price, there’s no reason not to subscribe! Note that, the higher tier – PC Ultimate Game Pass which include cloud gaming that you can play in any devices (such as mobile) and XBOX exclusive games is not available in the Philippines yet.

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