Eternal Winter is Coming to Black Desert SEA Tomorrow, here is Quick Preview

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The MMO Black Desert SEA is going winter as the upcoming update for the game includes a new map called the Mountain of Eternal Winter. Aside from this new region, the latest updates include a new class, Drakania. Thanks to Pearl Abyss for allowing us to preview this new update before it launches tomorrow. To those who are excited about it, here is a quick preview.


Black Desert’s new expansion sets the player into the snowy mountain of Eternal Winter in search of the Ynix Holy Flame to fight the wizard Illezra. Our new class, Drakania, is tasked to do this; she is a new addition to the sword-wielding class in Black Desert, where she slashes her enemies with its fiery long sword powered by the gift of Markthanan’s Might and Brimbolt.

Drakania’s skills combined with slow to fast charging attack that you can create a combo with it like the Skewer attack that you hit the enemy lungs and Omnislash or even leap towards enemies and slash them downwards.

The attack is also combined with the flashy special effect that you will be amazed by its quality and enjoy eliminating new monsters in this snowy region.

There are also skills like Markthanan’s Breath, where you can release your shard’s ions to call forth Dragon’s breath, then use Brimbot Raze, where you can perform slash after gathering ions in your slayer with so many other skills.

The appearance of Drakania is geared toward a dragon knight where her head helmet has molded into the face of a dragon. Her clothes with a theme color of Red for fiery and Silver for lighting; a little dragon is sitting on her shoulder armor. The long red swords also speak to her appearance as the slayer greatsword warrior.

The Mountain of Eternal Winter

This snowy region is filled with many contents, from a new hunting group, new bosses, towns, and life skill activities.

You’ll also get into the new town of Eliton, which is located at the center of Eternal Winter. From here, you can meet new NPCs and merchants. Folks in the city also have different stories about the mystery of Eternal Winters. There is also a campsite where you can sit, relax, and dance after long game hours.

The new region is also filled with new monsters that you can beat. The Starlight Jade Forest is home to Okjinsini, an ancient tribe where it looks like a Yeti. They guarded the forest, and hitting the bigger Okjinsini was not an easy task. However, a player can utilize the power of totems and braziers to fight these monsters.

The maps look like and reach the top of these stony mountains. We suggest you need a mounted horse if you want to uncover the entire area.

At the Sherekhan Iron Mine, you’ll also be able to enter the Murrowak’s Labyrinth, where some powerful creates rests in the depth of an abandoned mine. You can speak to its villager to uncover its secret and be ready to face the hordes of insects coming your way until you’ll be able to lure out their queen, Bersedes.

There are many more to uncover, and we are excited to know your experience with it tomorrow. Are you ready for the upcoming Eternal Winter expansion in Black Desert SEA? The new update will be available on April 6, 2022, in the Philippines and the rest of the SEA region.

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