Android Emulator with Android 11 is now on MuMu Player 11 Beta

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MuMu Player has launched its newest version of Android Emulator, the MuMu Player 11-beta. This new version is equipped with an updated operating system—Android 11. It offers better performance on demanding games and more compatibility with every game and the system device.

Most emulators on PC runs on Android 7 or Android 9 and it is the first time for an emulator to support the Android 11 which is now available to MuMu Player 11 Beta that added an important features like users privacy and device security.

The new OS fixed the shortcomings of low-end devices, allowing players to enjoy the latest and most advanced games even running in less memory. The software requires atleast 1GB memory to function correctly.

The next one is the support of Vulkan API, a next-generation graphics API for mobile devices that uses your phone’s graphics processor to render graphics and reduce processor overhead. Because of these, games can now runs up to 120 FPS and emulators feels faster.

If you are interested on download this new MuMu Player 11 Beta, it is now available today on their official website at

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