First Gameplay of Hogwarts Legacy, Crafting, Spell and Riding the Broomstick

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The much awaited RPG game that is based in Harry Potter movies, Hogwarts Legacy finally reveals its first gameplay. The developer WB Games Avalanche Software revealed today information of the upcoming game on PlayStation’ State of Play.

The first 15 minutes gameplay shows the gameplay and the plot stories. It seems players will be playing a new student instead of the main character where you can customize the faces and hairs you want to be. Interestingly, the example character looks like a Filipino.

Set in 1800’s, players will have life choirs called Charms where you can learn Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology and Potion class. You will learn crafting, cast spell and getting materials from the wild or loot through chest box.

As you studies inside the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, player can also duel with other student, solve puzzles, play mini-game just like in the film and find secret location.

After all of the schoolwork, the student will be adventuring outside to the wild where you’ll be defeating corrupted goblins, uncovering stories and traveling quickly with the broom stick.

Check the gameplay below.

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