Classic Ragnarok Online is back, titled RO Ascendance, and get an exclusive costumes with Razer Gold

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Remember when you could trade your items, equipment, and cards to other players? Having fun with newbies by dropping your loot on the ground, only to tease them with your new rare item. If you played Ragnarok Online before, there is so much to remember. We have seen a lot of new Ragnarok title porting for mobile devices, and many of these new titles take out some of the best features of the classic Ragnarok Online PC. Thankfully, the iconic Ragnarok Online is back, and it is titled Ragnarok: Ascendance (RO: Ascendance). 

In terms of content releases, it faithfully follows the original Korean Ragnarok Online that was released in 2002 with improvements and a better community. Players can re-embark again to re-uncover the story of Midgard, where you will start as a newbie at the port of Izlude. Players can choose their path with their favorite classes and level up their way by traversing different cities and encountering monsters and bosses. 

Currently, the game has many players and probably the most active Ragnarok Online server. The Prontera city is full of players from different countries, trading items and grinding their daily quest. Who knows, you could make some friends with some of them and help you adventure to the game.

The Ragnarok Ascendance is now available to three countries: Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. And to celebrate the re-launch, Razer Gold has partnered with the game publishers to give players exclusive costumes that they can use in the game.

The promo period will start from February 25 to March 24, 2022, and you need to recharge the following denominations using Razer Gold in your Gnjoy account:

CostumeAccumulated Kafra Points

Costume Bunny Head Dress
2,000 KP

Costume Stall of Angel
8,000 KP

Costume White Rabbit
30,000 KP

For those who don’t know how to top up your Gnjoy account using Razer Gold, here’s how to do it. 

  1. Just go to
  2. Click the Recharge Now button.
  3. From here, reload your Razer Gold account with the available payment method (7-Eleven, GrabPay, Gcash, and many more)
  4. Once you have enough load on your Razer Gold account, click the Recharge Now button to go to the official RO Ascendance Top-up page.
  5. Select your region (Malaysia, Philippines or Singapore).
  6. Select the game RAGNAROK ONLINE (PC GAME) and the category KAFRA POINT
  7. Select the denomination you want to top up.
  8. Then select Razer Gold as your payment method.
  9. Click Pay Now.

If you’re interested in playing this game, you can download Ragnarok Ascendance from their official website at

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