Brand-new Class Legatus is now in Black Desert Mobile (BDM)

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Good news to all Black Desert mobile players, a new class is now available in Black Desert Mobile (BDM) named Legatus.

Legatus will be available as an Awakened class and it wields the power of Lightning where it can quickly eliminate enemies with its unique fighting capabilities. Players can equipped the Kibelius as its main weapon that can cast a deadly thunder. To further improved its weapon, players can use the ancient sub-weapon “the Arkanon”.

Combined with these powerful weapon, Legatus also has skills that help him during combat. Such as the following:

  • Power of Kibelius – to strengthen its stats.
  • Divine Punishment – a destructive skills that summon enormous thunderbolt spear.

There is also a new addition to the game, the Legendary Dream Horse and Doom. It has a fiery appearance and has a unique traits that improves its performance. Players weight limit is also increase allowing them to carry more items while doing their adventure.

To obtain the Doom, players had to unlock the awakening Level 10 Tier 8 Horse on their camp stable. Players also required to complete the story quest Legendary Dream Horse and some required materials that can be obtained to the new region Kamasylvia.

Here are the sneak peak of the newest Legatus Class.

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