Black Desert SEA New Updates: Mountain of Eternal Winter and New Class

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Pearl Abyss announced today their upcoming new updates for the Black Desert SEA game. The newest update is an expansion that allows the adventurers to scale the snowy peaks of the Mountain of Eternal Winter. Together with this new region, there are lots of ancient evil that the adventurer can encounter. As well as new quest, gameplay activities and endgame pursuits.

The New Region

As you explore the new snowy region in Black Desert SEA, you’ll be task to find the Holy Flame Ynix where you’ll be using this to eliminate the evil witch monster named Illezra. You’ll be assisting the people of Eilton and meet a lot of new NPC’s like Landa, Jordine Ducas and many more while reaching the highest peak of the mountain.

New Starting Zone

Players can play fresh by playing the new starting zone Mountain of Eternal Winter in which player will start at level one and re-experience the whole game in new different way. Those who are new in the game will experience the breakthrough cutscene and tutorials to help them adventure into the game.

While existing player can still play in the new region by taking the quest Black Spirits.

New Player Hub

Player can hang out in the new player hub named Eilton located at the south of Drieghan region. The new small village allows player to explore new secret knowledge that connects to the previous story by talking to the NPC and explore the new interaction in the new player hub.

There are also 6 new food that players can consume:

  • Citron Tea
  • Well-brewed Mesima Tea
  • Marvelous Eilton Meal
  • Marvelous Mesima Chicken Soup
  • Marvelous Balacs Lunchbox
  • Marvelous Eilton Specialty Meal

New Hunting Grounds

With the new region, there will be four new hunting grounds where player can grind these includes: Starlight Jade Forest where you’ll be facing ancient tribe of yeti-like beings. The Winter Tree Fossil where you’ll be encountering radiating dark forces. The third is the Murrowak’s Labyrinth, a deep mine dungeon where insect-like species lairs. And the last one, the boss Erebjork, the Dreadwinter Guardian where it equips a massive ice and shield.

New Class and many More

A new top-tier gear for the Eternal Winter will also be released (Labreska’s Helmet), as well as Alpaca mount for Shai Class, new Ice Fishing life activity and a new way to transport using Snowboard. Here is the new class Drakania.

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