SIFU mod allow you to play as Eugene of Ghost Fighter

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Sifu launched is a wild ride, toping the chart and garnered 500,000 download in just 6 days and now closing to a million. Given its popularity, it is not hard to get an attention from all modders around the internet. In fact, they are starting to mod the game and replace the default Kung-Fu student character into something else.

A modder named junior0438 decided to teleport out favorite anime character Eugene (Yusuke Urameshi) of Ghost Fighter (Yu Yu Hakusho) into SIFU and allows you to beat the enemies just like in the anime. Action movements are still based from the original, only the skin was changed – if you’re bored repeating the same stages, this will give you new experience. I wonder if it can shoot “Raygun”.

Sifu was developed by Slocap, known for the game title “Absolver”, a martial arts-themed action game. In Sifu, you will play a young Kung-Fu student who is tasked to take revenge on five masters who murdered his father. The game has a unique physic-based hand-to-hand combat with intelligent AI system where you will fight enemies one on one just like in the film, plus a surreal cut-scenes.

For those who are interested to try this mod, you can find his mod at (

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