Amazing Event, WOC Open Tournament in Ragnarok X Next Generation (Rox Guide)

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The second event for the month of February has finally arrived in Ragnarok X Next Generation, the WOC Open Tournament where adventurer in cross-server can match again in arena in an Open tournament competition. Though this is not big as the previous WOC event, it include great rewards for the top 3 winners.

The event also included an event for all adventurer where they can get additional reward via My Battle which includes permanent mount and costumes.

In this guide, we will discuss the every detail and see how much grind you needed to do to get all of the rewards in this event.

My Battle – Starshine Coins

The My Battle is a 5 x 3 reward roulette where adventurer can draw to get a reward from Diamonds, headgears to Mount. Each draw will require you to spent 3 Starshine Coin in which you can get these FREE for doing the daily quest or spending 2,000 Crystals for 1 Starshine Coin.

The Costume set on the other hand can be get at your 300th draw. Meaning, you need to have a total of 900 Starshine Coin for you to get the costume set.

So, how much an F2P player can get a Starshine Coin from just doing the quest in the whole duration of the event? Below, we calculated everything and you can only get a total of 122 Starshine Coin.

QuestStarshine CoinTotal Starshine Coin
Complete 1 KVM matches3
(3 times per week)
Total of 6 KVM event (T/TH/SUN)
Complete 5 KVM matches5
(3 times per week)
Total of 6 KVM event (T/TH/SUN)
Win 3 KVM matches6
(3 times per week)
Total of 6 KVM event (T/TH/SUN)
Like the Start Guild224
No voting for day-1 because there is no KVM
Login Daily to Obtain114
Total122 Starshine Coin

The remaining 778 Starshine Coin can be obtained from your pocket ;). You need a total of 1,556,000 Crystals to get the costume at 300th draw.


Here are the rewards and chances based from players feedback.


Steampunk Detector
(Wrong name on Reward list “Steampunk Goggles”)

9999 x Diamonds
Extremely Rare

Exquisite Card Album
Extremely Rare

Steampunk Heli
Extremely Rare

Odin’s Resplendent Reliquary

3 x Panacea
Very Common

Advanced Pickaxe
Very Common

9999 x Crystals
1000 x CrystalsCommon

Shadow Equipment Basic Selection Pack

Mysterious Box

Rubber Duckie (7 Days)

Black Lightning (7 Days)

Panda Eiffel (7 Days)

Automatic Fishing Rod

WOC Open Tournament

It is a cross-server KVM Battle event where players from different servers can fight each other through the KVM. Guild who reaches the top 3 ranking will have a chance to get Vote coupon for the WOC Season 2 that will happen in June 2022.

Here are all of the rewards for the Star Guild Ranking.

Guild RankRewards
(All Members will get the rewards)
3 x Bloody Branch
(Only available for Guild Leader)

Steampunk Heli

Title – Star Guild

3 x WOC S2 Vote for the Chosen Lv.3
(All Members will get the rewards)
2 x Bloody Branch
(Open available for Guild Leader)

Steampunk Heli (30 Days)

3 x WOC S2 Vote for the Chosen Lv.2
(All Members will get the rewards)
1 x Bloody Branch
(Open available for Guild Leader)

Steampunk Heli (7 Days)

3 x WOC S2 Vote for the Chosen Lv.1

The Star Class Ranking will also get a rewards. If adventurer reaches top 2 to 100 rank from their classes will get a temporary frame that will last for 7 to 30 days. The top 1 however will get a perma rewards.

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