How to solve Padlock key code in Post Trauma Game

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The new horror game Post Trauma has arrived on Steam as a demo and it features a classic horror/puzzle thrills. And one of the puzzle on this game is the chained padlock at the rear entrance of the train. Not everyone of you probably figure out the pass or key code which is 5 numeric character.

However, there is only 2 clues that you can get from the game. The first one is the triangle = 1 which is painted on the left side of the door and the other clue can be seen at the next passenger car balcony of the train which is a sequence similar to a squid game (Square, Triangle, Circle, Cross and Triangle).

Train’s Padlock Key

The key code for the padlock at the train is 91671.

How do we get the answer? The clue Triangle = 1 and sequence is Square, Triangle, Circle, Cross and Triangle can be translated to ? 1 ? ? 1. Which leaves us 3 missing number, unfortunately – there are no other clues we can find in the game and what else we can do is to get it by a brute-force. Yes, trying each missing number from 0 to 999. We get it at 967.

That’s it guys! and enjoy the game hopes this help you progress to this hard puzzle!

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