How to Gift Pattie in Ragnarok X Next Generation (RoX Guide)

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The Ragnarok X Next Generation half-year anniversary has finally arrived in the game, together with that, there are several quest mission has been available through the event period. One of it are the awkward dancing challenge at the Desert Green Tavern, it is one of the requirement that you need to complete the gifting quest for Pattie.

You are probably stuck at one of the Tutorial, Fair Trade where it has no auto-path feature and when you attempt to click it says “Auto-path is not available for the current quest.”. If you have notice it, there is actually a new quest after you’ve completed the dancing challenge and it is the The Desert’s New Darling quest.

How to unlock Pattie’s Gift

You just need to talk to NPC Caslisse to take this quest, follow and complete it.

After that, you will be assigned several quest regarding Pattie, taking picture of her on Morroc, back and fort with Heflee Trista until you complete it.

The last quest Desert Green’s New Story will allow you to unlock Pattie’s favor, which means you can finally send a gift to her.

Pattie’s Gift

Since you have unlock Pattie’s favor, the Gift button should be enable now and able to send her a gift.

The favorite item for Pattie are the following (Both gives 2.5 points):

  • Lakebed Pearl
  • Rainbow Coral

You may also check our updated list of NPC favor for your reference.

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