Red Alert 2 fan-made expansion pack is finally complete, over 133 missions

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If you have been following this fan-made project before, you must be excited to know that the project is now completed with over 133 missions and a new faction.

The Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2: Mental Omega is a fan-made expansion from Yuri’s Revenge and was first appeared in 2006 at the mod website ModDB. The team didn’t stop working on the project and after long 15-years it is now complete with much content than the original.

The version 3.3 on 2016 added the new faction Foehn Revolt, a tech-faction armies controlled with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) leader. The final expansion version 3.3.6 added the last few four campaigns from Soviet, Allied, Yuri and the Foehn Revolt. The expansion allows players to expand the original campaign of Red Alert to 97 single-player campaign and a 36 coop map with 22 challenge map.

The new update also boost the popularity of the fan-made game in which, it hit the 1,251 concurrent players on CnCNet since it was released yesterday.

Those who are interested on this project, you can check their official site at

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