ESGS 2021 is now live, a 3-day jampacked event for Gamers

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The Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit or well known as ESGS is back this year and you can now watch the day-1 of the event. It will run for 3 days from November 19 to 21, it features various events like esports tournament, show matches, upcoming game titles, webinars and the much-awaited – freebies for everyone.

It will host the first person shooter tournament “Valorant”, by the PLDT Home Fibr Valorant Open Tournament, as well as Dota 2 show match and of course the cosplay competition. At the end of the broadcast they will also have a segment called “Night Squad” where streamers will adventure themselves at horror game challenges.

ESGS will also setup its first Discord server, aside from its livestream on Facebook, the new discord server will allow participants to watch other activities from the event. Like live drawing sessions from various artists, webinars from gaming professionals and many more.

Game titles on ESGS

In addition, watch your favorite streamer to play trending games like Pokemon Unite, Kimetsu No Yaiba, Project Xandata and many more. New titles will also be featured at the Launch Pad from the developers and publishers like the Laguna Games, Ubisoft, Secret 6 and many more. Expect new upcoming game title sneak peek during the event.


As always, join the event to win some freebies. Participants will be able to win exciting prizes and loots from ESGS social media page live page.


ESGS will starts today and have its live coverage on Facebook at on November 19 to 21. For other activities, you can check their Discord at

Here are the full schedule for this year ESGS 2021.

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