Coca-Cola taps the Gaming World with “One Coke Away From Each Other” Campaign

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Today, Coca-Cola finally unveiled the true meaning behind the Coca-Cola’s “Real Magic” video where it tells a scenario of an dramatic turn of events in an eSports match.

The “Real Magic” is a new global brand philosophy and platform that invites everyone to celebrate the real “magic of humanity”. Together with this, the company also taps the gaming world with the launching of their new campaign called “One Coke Away from Each Other”. Blending the real and virtual world, a metaphor that speaks to the belief that what unites us is greater than what sets us apart and celebrates our humanity.

“Through the Real Magic™ platform, we ultimately want to engage people very differently through an ecosystem of unique and ownable experiences,” said Manolo Arroyo, Chief Marketing Officer for The Coca-Cola Company. “‘One Coke Away From Each Other’ has been built for, and with, a community that demands something different than what they may have come to expect from Coca-Cola. In developing this campaign, we’ve partnered with the best creators, with gamers, with Twitch and with others to find our place in a reality unlike any we’ve known before. That’s tremendously exciting.”

The “Real Magic” video was first appeared last Sunday, September 27 (You can watch the video below). It asks what if Coca-Cola, as a symbol of togetherness, could bridge universes meant to be apart to create Real Magic. The film features prominent gaming personalities like DJ Alan Walker, Team Liquid’s Aerial Powers and Average Jonas.

The campaign will also features events for everyone to join in (TBA) selected countries. Coca-Cola is running a code hunt starting October 11 where people can win prizes, such as gameplay session with gaming personalities. There are 25 codes hidden with the film to uncover. Through the collaboration with the Brand Partnership Studio at Twitch, viewers can also unlock another 10 codes from some gaming creators on Twitch during the livestreams.

As part of the campaign, Coca-Cola will award prizes to consumers who find and enter the hidden cods on their redemption micro-website. Winners will have a chance to receive their share of one of the largest ever prize pools of Bits, a virtual good used to show support for Twitch streamers.

Aside from this, they also unveils a new perspective of their logo that will appear across the Coca-Cola marketing, the “Hug” logo.

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