Ragnarok X Next Generation is now Available

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The much-awaited Ragnarok X Next Generation is finally here! The new free-to-play MMORPG mobile game faithfully recreates the Ragnarok Online franchise and it will be available to 9 different countries across the South East Asia (SEA) region name. During their pre-registration, it reaches more than 3 million registration so expect massive players will be joining the day one of the game launch. Ragnarok X Next Generation is a brand-new and officially licensed from Gravity South Korea, it allow ragna players to experience once again the nostalgic memories of the land of Midgards.

The Ragnarok X Next Generation comes with a stunning modern graphics along with their free 3D camera to allow players to admire the stunning scenery of the game. Player will able to fight once again the Poring, Fabre and Lunatic monsters as newbies in the South Gate Prontera!

How to Download the RoX

Ragnarok X Next Generation is now available for both Android and iOS, you now download it from their prospective store below.

Note that the server will open at exactly 1:00PM (Manila, Philippine Time), but as early as now, you can create your own character and login once it is available.

Multiple Upcoming Events

To celebrate the launch of Ragnarok X Next Generation, Nuverse the company behind this game is introducing lots of exciting new events for players that will take place in the coming days.

  • Landmark Lighting: players from each country can collaborate by completing missions to “Light up” their countries landmark in the game and earn exclusive rewards worth 150,000 Crystals.
  • King of MVP: players can win a special title Glorious Legend by earning points during the MVP or Mini boss hunting.
  • Glory Pass: A special pass for everyone who can activate secret rewards like the Motorbike Mount. Other rewards from Glory Pass includes gift boxes, items and EXP.

Other prizes also includes Plai Kaew Elephant mount (included on Pre-registration rewards), a Kinnaree Crown and Nusantara Mask, which are all available in the SEA region. All of these prizes can be found in the game and get a chance to win it.

Ragnarok X Next Generation Teaser

Here are some promotional video for this event where RO players can probably relates reminiscing their memories in the game starting Ragnarok Online.

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