How to Redeem Code on ANVIL

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ANVIL an upcoming co-op action shooter game is already hit on the Steam platform, anyone can test the game right now and actually play the game ahead of everyone. Set in top-down perspective, the game lets you control a rogue sci-fi characters that shoots machine guns, smash an axe or even laser beam. Your goal is to find a relic for each exploration you hand in a galaxy and you must not die completing several mission.

If you get a code for ANVIL like from the Intel Gaming Access that gave player an 10,000 vault points to unlock in-game characters or other items in the game. We will guide you where and how to use that code.

List of all Redeem Code

You will also find here all of the list of available code that you can redeem in the game. You can check the available code below that you can redeem as of the moment.

Redeem CodeRewards
INTEL1000010,000 Vault Points

How to Redeem the Coupon Code

Open up ANVIL, then PLAY until you’re in the main menu of the game where you can move around your character.

Hit the ESCAPE key on your keyboard then go to Coupon Code.

From here, enter the code that you want to redeem.

Then hit Apply, you’ll then automatically received the reward for that code.

What you can Buy with Vault Points

Vault Points is one of the in-game currency at Anvil, you can use it to unlock game characters Breakers or an assistant Toy Workers.

Each of the Breakers can be unlocked with 1,000 VP, and currently there are 11 of them. One of them are free to use and depending on the event, there are FREE bonus character that you can use at anytime.

For Toy Worker, each of these assistant cost around 10,000 VP and there are 7 of them that you can purchase with different capabilities.

If you haven’t yet played ANVIL, you can now request an access on their Steam official page at

That’s it guys!

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