How to Fix “Logging into this app with Facebook is not available this time”

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When you play an online mobile game such in emulator like the Ragnarok M Eternal Love that your account was linked to your Facebook account. There comes a time that when you attempt to login your account, the Facebook page will say an error saying “Logging into this app with Facebook is not available this time”. Well, this usually happens when you play in an emulator, but rarely happen when you play in mobile devices.

So why this error keeps popping up? The problem lies to the developer of the game you’re logging in, they do not have enough permission from permission to allow login via the game. With that, you need to find a way to login to Facebook in other way. Via Facebook app maybe? And since most gamers playing in an emulator do not usually install Facebook app on it, they usually received this kind of error.

How to Fix Login Error in Facebook via App

To fix this error, simply install the Facebook app from Google Play Store or App Store.

Once installed, login your account and approved some required permission to your device and you’re set to go.

Open up the game again and select Facebook to login, you then should able to login to your account without any error or problem.

If you still encountering this issue after doing the step above, please comment down below so we can help troubleshoot your problem.

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