How to Complete A Story of Sloth Hand Over Wheat in Ragnarok X Next Generation

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During your first week or day three playing the Ragnarok X Next Generation, you will encounter a quest from Minstrel called A Story of Sloth Hand Over Wheat. The quest basically requires you to gather a wheat from the South Prontera Green Cotton Farm. However, this is very hard for some players who has no idea how Gardening works in the game.

The reason why it is hard is because a lot of players are competing on gardening the Wheat on just 8 spots, plus all players are combined in a single channel which is the CH1. Once you tried gardening these wheat, you’ll get an message saying “All has been gathered” or “Plant is not fully grown yet!”.

How to Complete this Quest

For you to complete this quest, you need to wait rain and the exact time the Wheat will grow. When waiting for the rain, the Wheat will unlimitedly grow giving everyone a chance to gather is precious Wheat!

The Wheat grows at Day and Night. Then you need for the weather Drizzle or Rain for you to loot this crops. You can check the time by pressing the Map icon. In the example below, Night and Drizzle will start at 15:00 in-game time.

Usually, rain weather happens 4 to 6 times a day. Take note that Evening and Morning is a different time.

To summarize, Wheat grows unlimitedly:

  • Time: Day or Night
  • Weather: Drizzle
  • Location: Prontera South Gate
  • Channel: CH1

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