CABAL Mobile, Heroes of Nevareth is now Open for Pre-registration

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Good news to all CABAL fans, the pre-registration for the most awaited MMORPG mobile game CABAL: Heroes of Nevareth is now open. However, Playpark’s Cabal server are struggling to cope with users trying to pre-register into the game and accessing their website now is unavailable.

With partnership with EST Games, PlayPark is releasing soon their mobile version of CABAL with a title “Heroes of Nevareth”, players from the Philippines and Vietnam will be available to play the game when the server is open. Right now, pre-registration has been started. You can check pre-register to their official page at

For those who cannot access their website, CABAL announces new pre-registration form at

Pre-registration Rewards

Aside from pre-registering the game to play a head of other players, you will also get tons of in-game of rewards from participating. Below are the list of rewards you’ll get when you pre-register on the specific dates, the earlier you get in, the higher your rewards you’ll get.

Date Pre-registeredRewards
June 28 to July 4Phoenix Title Bonus ($150 Store Value):
HP +200
MP +200
Attack +20
Magic Attack +20
Defense Rate +100
Attack Rate +100
Defense +20
Critical Rate +1%
Critical Damage +1%
July 5 to 11Thunderbird Title Bonus ($125 Store Value):
HP +150
MP +150
Attack +15
Magic Attack +15
Defense Rate +50
Attack Rage +50
Defense +15
July 12 to 18Griffin Title Bonus ($110 Store Value):
HP +100
Defense Rate +250
July 19 to 25Stix Title Bonus ($105 Store Value):
HP +120
Defense +10
July 26 to August 1Big Bird Title Bonus ($100 Store Value):
Defense Rate +100

For those players who successfully pre-registered on their website, you should get a confirmation email for your pre-registration. Since the website is currently down, you still get the equivalent rewards on the day of your pre-registration even if you confirmed the email on the later day.

There are also separate rewards on their official Facebook Fan page when the page will reached certain followers milestone, a giveaway rewards will also distributed among all players. Also a raffle giveaway for lucky players who will able to get a chance to win CABAL’s merch Shirts, Hoodies, Facemasks, and a smart phone gaming phone.

CABAL Heroes of Nevareth

The CABAL Heroes of Nevareth sets in the thousands year after the Catastrophic event happened, and a new land Nevareth has emerged. Players will adventure to this new land and your goal is protect the people from the awakened powerful evil that is treating for destruction.

The game will have eight different classes and based from the original CABAL game:

  • Warrior
  • Blader
  • Wizard
  • Force Shielder
  • Force Archer
  • Force Blader
  • Gladiator
  • Force Gunner

The new mobile game has the same gameplay experience with the PC version but with enhance graphical improvement based on the current technology and built for mobile user interface for players to play with touch controls.

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