Battlefield 1 is now FREE on Amazon Prime, here’s how to get it

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Amazon Prime newest free game for this month is the Battlefield 1. Anyone who is a member of the Amazon Prime can able to get the game for FREE. For those who doesn’t have any subscription yet, you can use the 7-day free trial using any debit/credit card (You may also use PayMaya or GCash virtual card). If you don’t like to continue your Amazon Prime subscription, you can cancel it anytime.

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  1. How to subscribe to Amazon Prime
  2. How to cancel Amazon Prime subscription

The Amazon Prime subscription includes the Amazon Video which is like a Netflix with tons if movie to watch and a Twitch Prime.

How to subscribe to Amazon Prime

Subscribing to Amazon Prime requires a debit or credit card. If you don’t have one, you can use PayMaya or GCash virtual card.

To subscribe, go to and click the Try Prime button on the top.

Then click Continue when asked “Looks like you’re in a Prime Gaming and Prime Video only country”.

Login your Amazon account or if you don’t have one create your own account (It is straightforward, just follow the step for registration. It also required a valid phone number for OTP).

From here, enter your card detail (For PayMaya or GCash, your virtual or physical card) together with your address information. (Amazon might temporarily charge a few dollar to validate your card, this small charge will be refunded in 1-5 days depending on your card issuer)

Once done, confirm your subscription. From here, you have 7-day to cancel your subscription if you don’t like the service or you just want to claim the game.

Then, you’ll be redirected to the Amazon Prime Gaming and you’ll be able to claim the Battlefield 4, just hit the Claim now button.

Then click the Claim code button to reveal the code. There you go, you’ll get the code. (We already have the game, feel free to claim the code in the screenshot)

The code can be redeemed on EA’s Origin client. You can install their launcher at

How to cancel Amazon Prime subscription

For any reason you don’t like to continue your Amazon Prime subscription, you can easily cancel it by going to Amazon Prime Video.

Just go to the Account settings at Then click End membership.

After that, it will prompt you when you can until use your Amazon Prime subscription. Click End on THE_DATE, to end the subscription.

After that, there should be a note saying, something like “Your membership ends on June 9, 2021”.

That’s it guys! Hope this article helps you claim the Battlefield 4. Amazon Prime Video is also good, you might give it a try, there are lots of good movie to watch that are not available on Netflix – plus you have monthly freebies for games and a Twitch Prime.

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