The Deadliest MMORPG ‘EOS RED’ has landed in Southeast Asia, Pre-Registration event started

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The Deadliest MMORPG ‘EOS RED’ Taking Over South Korea and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Has Landed in Southeast Asia Make a Pledge with Your Blood as the Menacing Pre-Register Event is About to Start

Developed by the Korean BluePotion Games team, the deadliest mobile MMORPG EOS RED has initiated its pre-register event in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, and Malaysia today (5/4) with the preload on iOS App Store and preload for Android Google Play will be released in near future. The original title reached 5 million registrations in more than 60 countries, winning the hearts of players around the world, while the mobile version has made 1 million pre-registrations in South Korea, and even reached 1.3 million in Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macao.

The most dangerous MMORPG EOS RED 5/4 will starts its pre-login event in Southeast Asia

The first promotional film and game have also been released worldwide today, and this allows the chosen ones to witness the deadliest MMORPG mobile game first-hand, if you can’t deal with it, don’t you dare to start the game!

The deadliest MMORPG “EOS RED” has gone viral in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macaois NOW Making Its Way into Southeast Asia

This mobile game is based on EOS ONLINE, the ONLINE game launched in more than 60 countries. The world of EOS RED is set at 50 years later of EOS ONLINE.  Besides the continuing of the main story line and content, the team also enriches and optimizes the contents from EOS ONLINE. The team recreates the authentic characteristics of MMORPG with the unique PK system and free economy system.. After EOS RED launched in Korea, the game ranked No. 1 in “Most download games” ranking and No. 2 in “Revenue” ranking on Google Play, and ranked No. 1 on most searched keywords on Naver, the largest search engine in Korea. Followed its launch in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao, EOS RED has ranked No. 2 on “Most download” ranking on iOS App Store and No.2 on “Most download” ranking and No. 1 on “Revenue” ranking on Android Google Play.. Over million downloads with first 9 months, with 300K peak concurrent users and 400 million hours of accumulated playing time.

“EOS RED” is popular in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, with an outstanding performance.

The game is also recommended by both iOS and Google Play. After Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, the deadliest MMORPG is NOW coming to Southeast Asia and give you a brand new killing experience.

The First Preview of this Worldwide Film – When the World Lose its Order, Slaughter Becomes the Only Way

In the legend of this ancient continent, the Gods and the Titans started a war for power. In the end, the Gods won but paid a hefty price of “falling into a deep sleep and not knowing when they will wake up”, and this caused the world to suffer a loss of order. Upon surviving this legendary time, the remaining human call themselves as the “Chosen Ones” and the time to unleash their full potential has come.

To restore the order in the continent, the Chosen Ones fought fiercely, and yet no one was fighting for the right cause, but merely to survive on the continent. Hence, killing has turned into an instinct and the strongest rules the world has become the norm of a long era of war.

The war between the Gods and the Titans of EOS RED has caused the world to lose its order
Killing is the answer in the chaotic and out-of-order era of EOS RED

Who can put an end to the war? Or bring more chaos into the world?

Make an Oath with Blood & Sign the Guarantee to Prove That You’re Brave Enough to Start

‘EOS RED’ is open for preload on iOS App Store today (5/4) and preload for Android Google Play will be released in the near future, meanwhile the “If you can’t deal with it, don’t you dare to start ” pre-register event is also running at the same time, so complete your mobile registration, sign a guarantee to determine that you can take on the deadliest experience and you will be rewarded with a 60 dollars worth of virtual treasure. After completing the registration, you can participate in the daily Gear Enhancing event to earn points.

EOS RED Do you have the guts to make an oath with blood?

The higher the gear level is, the higher the points you can earn. In addition to the event stage rewards, the person who accumulates the highest points can also get the rare purple pet “Tin Knight”! Hurry up and call your friends to bring along their weapons to participate in this pre-register event. After completing all the activities on the page, you will be certified as the Chosen One. Receiving rewards will allow you to earn treasures and PK without any disadvantages. Are you ready to pledge with blood?

EOSRED’s “If you can’t deal with it, don’t you dare to start” pre-login event is officially running with a kick

In addition, BluePotion’s CEO, Shin Hyun Geun, said, “I’m very happy that EOS RED will be launched in Southeast Asia, the production team will bring forward their most attentive attitude to all players and create the best quality of the game environment, So all players, please stay tuned and quickly participate in the pre-register activities! “

For the latest information on the deadliest MMORPG EOS RED game, please visit the official website and official fan group.

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