Where to find Materials for Bomb in Atelier Ryza

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In the Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout, after completing the initial alchemy task from Empel. Ryza will having its own cauldron at her house and at this time, you’ll be able to unlock new quest that you can complete. One of that quest is the Looking for a bomb where you need to craft or synthesize a bomb 10 times in order for you to complete the quest.

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  1. Where to find Uni
  2. How to Synthesize Explosive Uni
  3. Completing the Quest

You probably thinking of crafting the literal Bomb recipe which needs rare items like a Crimson Ore. The thing is, you only need to craft any explosive recipe and one of the easiest from the list are the Explosive Uni in which you just need an Uni material to synthesize this recipe.

The rewards that you’ll also get when completing this quest is Ryza will get a new passive skill which will increase her damage.

Where to find Uni

You can easily collect Uni just outside of Ryza’s house. When you go outside, go to the left corner near the Guide Post and in front, you’ll find a blinking object under a tree. That is the Uni tree.

There will be 4 Uni scattered underneath the trees, and you can smash the tree to collect 4 more Uni.

You need at least 20 pieces of Uni to synthesize 10 Explosive Uni and complete the quest. For you to get again, simply enter Ryza’s house and go back to the location, the Uni should be automatically respawn.

How to Synthesize Explosive Uni

After you collected the Uni materials for the recipe, go to Ryza’s Cauldron at her house and open up the Synthesize.

Now, at the recipe list, select the Explosive Uni.

From here you can add at least two Uni to the Effect 1, other Effect slot are optional if you want a stronger item. Once you’re done adding, press the Start Synthesis button. (For PS4/PS5, its the Options button from your gamepad)

After that, you have successfully crafted an Explosive Uni.

You need to repeat this step 10 times in order for you to complete the quest.

Completing the Quest (Looking for a bomb)

Once you’ve successfully synthesize 10 explosive Uni, the number of quest should be appear when you exit the crafting interface.

From here, you need to open your quests tab to complete the quest and get your reward. (For PS4, hit the Options to switch from Story and Quests page). You can also easily access Quests from the main menu > Quests.

Open the Menu (In PS4/PS5, triangle button), then go to Status. Then at the character selection, select Ryza.

Then press R1 or L1 to go the Passive page, from here you’ll find her new skill Unwavering Belief. The skill will further increases damage when Tactics Level is at 5 or higher.

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