Where is Security Cameras in Airship Map on Among Us

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Among Us has a new map called Airship, you probably thinking that there is still a surveillance security camera (CCTV) in the map which allows you to peak at the camera in selected room to catch for the impostor. The answer is Yes, there is still a CCTV in the Airship map and you can peak up to different rooms such as Engine Room, Vault, Records, Security, Cargo Bay and Meeting Room.

In addition to the Security Camera, there is also an Admin Map at the Cockpit which anonymously points all location of every players in the map. Though you cannot really pin point which of them are in the map, this is best to to find out where other players are hiding.

Location of Security Camera in Airship

There are rooms called Security in the Airship, you can check it by pressing the map icon at the right top corner of the screen. In this room, you can access the CCTV camera.

The Security room is at the bottom center of the map near between the Kitchen and Electrical.

When you reach the Security room, there will be a computer at the top right corner. Press Use to access it and navigate through 5 different cameras.

Location of the Admin Map in Airship

You can find the Admin dashboard at the the Cockpit room, open your map and is at the left most corner of the map, you then need to access the computer at the left top corner and you’ll be able to see players moving around.

However, you every players in the map are in the same color.

How to use the CCTV and Admin Map

When using the Security Cams or Admin Map, you need to look out for other players who is entering the room as you’re manning these tool, you’re not allowed to move and your screen is covered with the overlay function. Once you’re killed you can no longer say who are the killer and your point of using the tool becomes useless.

However, the security room is always closed so when someone enters the room you’ll hear the door opening.

What do you think of the new Airship map in Among Us? I think this is the best map to play hide and seek and it is big!

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