Water Festival Event is back in Black Desert SEA

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Pearl Abyss had announced today that the previous Water Festival event is back again in the MMORPG game Black Desert SEA. Players can now explore various water-soaked event and able to earn rewards.

One of that event is the Elli’s Water Festival. From April 7 to 21, 2021, players who can complete the Water festival quest can obtain Contribution EXP and rewards like Soaked Timber Squares.

The Soaked Timber Squares can be exchanged for a special matchlock where players can use to shoot the water balloon.

On the other hand, Water Balloon is a special feature that will appear at the Terrmian Beach during the event. Players who pops these balloon at least once will able to earn rewards like the following:

  • Caphras STones
  • Traces of a Festival

Players can use the Traces of a Festival to increase luck, health and exp, it can also be obtained from hunting, gathering, fishing or logging in for 1 hour.

There is also new quest that players can participate from Anya and Haro at the Terrmian Beach which players will able to get additional contribution EXP as well as a special decorations. Players will also get an additional rewards (Enhancement Help Kit 1) from Anya when players login at least once during the event.

Other than that, here are the following event that will happen this week:

  • Dark Rift event will change its Box of the Dead reward to an event version (more valuable item)
  • Vessels of Inquisition has been discovered in one of the most favored hunting ground (Star’s End), hitting these vessel will spawn forth Kzarka’s apostles.
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