The House of the Dead Remake’s first Gameplay Trailer Revealed

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The 1997 arcade game The House of the Dead is having a remake and its first gameplay trailer is out on YouTube. The developer of the game, Forever Entertainment, announced today their upcoming game The House of the Dead Remake for Nintendo Switch.

House of the Dead was originally released by SEGA for arcade games in 1996 and it was dubbed as one of the hit light shooter game in the 90’s sending players into a world of zombies and rescuing surviving civilians. Player will be playing as Agent Thomas Rogan or his partner G to uncover the deadly creation of Doctor Curien.

See the gameplay trailer below.

Based from the gameplay trailer above, it is indeed a remake with its new environment, 3d characters and cinematics while sticking on its classic formula. Forever Entertainment also added “a whole new entourage and gameplay changes to suit modern gaming standards”.

Though there are no information yet if this game will be available for PC or other console, but the House of the Dead: Remake will be arriving on Nintendo Switch this year.

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