Red Alert 2 is Now Playable in your Web Browser

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Out of no where, someone just ported the Red Alert 2 game into a web version and it is now playable in any modern web browser (Google Chrome, FireFox, Edge, etc) and even work on mobile browser as well. In addition, it also included a multiplayer game where you can play with your friends or other players online. While it is obviously not from EA or Westwood Entertainment, the amount of work to make this possible is astonishing. Thumbs up to whoever made this port.

On the other hand, some feature of the game is not available like the Skirmish mode or Campaign mode. The only mode that you can play is the Custom Match in which you can play with the other players. You also need to create an account for you to play it.


Since it was released last year, March 2021. The browser game version has added new updates includes the following:

New Maps:

  • The Alamo (2)
  • DEFCON 6 (2-6)
  • A Path Beyond II (2-8)
  • Official Tournament Map A (2)
  • Official Tournament Map (2-4)
  • South Pacific (2-4)
  • Urban Rush (2)
  • Little Big Lake (2)
  • Canyon Fodder (2-3)
  • Pinch Point (2)
  • Snow Valley (2-4)
  • Snowball’s Chance (2-4)
  • Malibu Cliffs (2-6)
  • Golden State Freeway (2-4)
  • May Day (2)
  • Heartland (2-4)
  • El Dorado (2)
  • DC Uprising (2-4)
  • Country Swing Fixed (2-4)
  • Jungle of Vietnam (2-4)
  • Offense Defense (yuri original) (2-4)
  • Tour of Egypt (2-6)

New Units

  • Flak track
  • IFV
  • Tanya
  • Flak trooper
  • Terror Drone
  • Desolator
  • Kirov airship
  • Rocketeer
  • Nighthawk transport
  • Harrier
  • Black eagle
  • Mirage tank
  • Ore purifier

New Building

  • Cloning vats

Added Features:

  • Added a singleplayer “demo” mode, which allows testing the game, without other players, against a dummy opponent.
  • American paradrop
  • Tech airport paradrop
  • Superweapon: Nuclear silo
  • Superweapon: Weather control device
  • Superweapon: Iron curtain
  • Superweapon: Chronosphere

How to Play Red Alert 2 web version

To play the game, just head to It will automatically load the game at few seconds and lead you right to the main menu screen.

Clicking the Custom Match will allow you to create your own account. You need this access every time you play the game.

After that, you can select any available game from other players or create your own game.

Once you’ve successfully connected into a match it will load the game and you’re good to go.

You can now build your empire and defeat the other players. For caution, some random player may quit suddenly on the middle of the game and may ruin your gameplay. To have a better experience, this game is best played with your friends.

According from the website of ChronoDivide, the game is a fan-made project which aims to recreate the original Red Alert 2 using a web technologies. In result, it will be playable in most web browser without installing any app into your computer.


Some advanced troops and tanks like Rocketeer, Tanya, Spy, Yuri, Crazy Ivan, Flak Trooper, Flak Tank, Kirov, Fighter Jet, V3 Rocket and Terror Drone is not available in the game. As well as building structure like Cloning Vats, Pysycho Sensor and other more. Based from their website, the game are still in work-in-progress and the developer may add these feature on the coming updates.

Recommended Specs

They also added a minimum/recommended specs of the game listed from their website.

  • CPU: Intel Atom Z3700+ @1.33GHz (Intel Core i5 recommended)
  • OS: 64-bit operating system (and web browser)
  • Memory: 4GB (8GB recommended)
  • GPU: Discrete graphics card (NVIDIA GTX800 or later series recommended)
  • Display resolution: 1024×768 minimum
  • Web browser: Latest Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge (Firefox NOT recommended for best performance / framerate)
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  • amvascular May 8, 2021 10:41 am

    it gets black screen when start games
    what is the solution?

  • lalzbautista May 20, 2021 1:46 pm

    awesome game! super nostalgic 😀

    • Rana Rnx June 16, 2021 6:44 am

      play with me dear 😀

  • Lad June 4, 2021 2:45 am

    After the update my loading is stuck 🙁

  • Lad June 4, 2021 2:48 am

    What happen I am always stuck in loading 🙁


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