How to take Photo in Atelier Ryza

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In the game Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout, players can enter photo mode to take beautiful scene in the game. The functionality is endless, but there is one single function in the photo mode that is impossible to do is how to actually shot a photo, like pressing a shutter button found in a camera.

In this guide, we will discuss on how you take a photo in Atelier Ryza just like the photo above and other camera functionality that you can use in-game.

How to take a Photo

Depending on the platform you are playing the game. First, you have to enter to the Photo mode (If you’re using PS4/PS5, press the L3 button).

Then you need to remove the User Interface at the Photo mode, this is by pressing the Toggle UI button. (For PS4/PS5, its the Options button)

To take a photo in Atelier Ryza, you need to use the screenshot function of your console. (For PS4/PS5, its the share button, for Steam/PC its F12).

After that, you can locate the photo on your console gallery and upload it to your favorite social media or via email.

Control functions

For controlling the camera, the button for these actions are readily available at the bottom right corner of the screen.

  • Character Control Mode – Switch to available character from Ryza, Lent and Tao.
  • Select Item – Move towards different camera features.
  • Toggle Item – Select or toggle the camera features.
  • Move Camera – Vertically or Horizontally move the camera
  • Rotate Camera – Rotate the camera in different angles
  • Roll – Rolling the camera to the left or right
  • Zoom – Zoom in or out the camera
  • Reset Camera Position – Go back to the original position
  • Toggle Movement Speed – Increase or decrease the movement speed of the camera
  • Toggle UI – Remove
  • End – Exit from Photo mode

Other features

Aside from taking the actual photo, there is also lots of features like changing its filter, adding frame and even changing the time of the day to get the desired mood you want to capture.

Here are the list of function that can add final touches to your photo.

FunctionDetailsAvailable Option
FilterAdd filter color to the photoHigh Saturation, High Contrast, Enhance (Blue, Green and Red), Pastel, Miniature, Sharpen (L,H), Blue (L, H), Monochrome and Sepia
FrameAdd a border frame at the corner of the photoPhotograph, Blue Puni, Luxurious Frame, Wooden Frame and Collage
Time of DaySwitch to different time of the dayMorning, Day, Dusk and Night,
Depth of FieldAdd blur background to main focus subjectLow, Medium and High
NPC/EnemyRemove NPC from the photoOn and Off

That’s it! Hope this guide helps you capture the best moments in Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout.

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