How to Fix SU-101193-5 Error on PS5

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When you try to update your PS5, for unexpected reason, an error will appear at the top corner of your PS5 screen saying SU-101193-5. When you try to find a solution on the internet, the official website of PlayStation suggest you three things: restart your system, update system, and the hardest part via USB device.

Table of Contents

  1. Delete Corrupted Update
  2. Re-update your PS5 from console
  3. Update from USB using Safe Mode
    1. Reformat USB to FAT32
    2. Download PS5 Update File
    3. Safe Mode

In this guide, we will help you fix this error on your PS5 system and let’s see if this solves the problem.

Delete Corrupted Update

The first aid we need to do is to delete the corrupted updates from our PS5. This way, we are able to make sure to install fresh copy of the new update.

To delete the update, just press the PS button at the center of your PS5 controller.

Find and go to the Download icon.

An error message will appear, select the available option.

There will be an option to delete the update.

After deleting the update, make sure to Restart your PS5.

Re-update your PS5 from console

Since we no longer have those corrupted updates, we can now re-update our PS5 system with a fresh copy.

To update your PS5, just go to Settings > System > System Software > System Software Update.

Then select the Update System Software.

This will update your PS5 to the latest version that are currently available for your console. For most users, this should fixed the problem.

Update from USB using Safe Mode

If above solution doesn’t work, your last resort is to update your PS5 through a USB and in Safe Mode. However, you need a Windows computer to copy these file as you need to reformat the USB in FAT32 file system.

Reformat USB to FAT32

To update your PS5 using USB, first, you need to reformat the USB into FAT32. You can do this by plugging the USB into your computer.

Then open This PC from your desktop, then at the drive list, right-click the USB drive, then click Format...

After that, select the File System as FAT32. Then click Start.

Once done, open the USB drive and create a folder named PS5. (Make sure its all uppercase)

Then inside the PS5 folder, create another folder named UPDATE. (Make sure its all uppercase)

Let’s stop from this point as we need to download first the update file.

Download PS5 Update File

You then need to download the PS5 update from PlayStation official website:

Just browse down and find Download an update file for a PS5 console, then there should be a button for PS5 update file. Click it to download.

After downloading the PS5UPDATE.PUP, you need to copy your USB drive at the folder you just created at PS5 > UPDATE.

Our USB is now ready to re-update your PS5.

Safe Mode

Make sure your PS5 system is turn off, then plug the USB to your PS5 system (Any USB slot will do).

To enter Safe Mode, press and hold the power button and release it after you hear the second beep. (Example: Beep, after few seconds, Beep, then release holding the power button).

Your PS5 will enter into the Safe Mode, go to the option 3: Update System Software.

Then select Update from USB Storage Device then OK.

Wait until your PS5 completes its update and check if this fixed the error.

If the problem still exist, your super last resort is to Reinstall the PS5, just repeat the whole step and instead of update file, download PS5 reinstallation file (The same file name and folder) and at the Safe mode, select option 7: Reinstall System Software.

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