How to Complete Through the Woods (Chapter 1: M7) in Element TD 2

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For the seventh mission on Chapter 1 single player campaign in Element TD 2, you will be encountering a bunch of high speed Composite Armor creep where a regular arrow and cannon tower cannot keep up with their speed. So you need to pick a tower that has faster attack speed for these creeps even though it is not their weakness.

We will also be facing here the Slingshot Boss, there is additional bonus of 2,000 XP when you defeat the boss within 20 seconds of it spawning. This one is tricky and I advice to take this additional bonus when you have enough points for your loadouts.

Creep Elements

Based from the enemies weakness, you can use these elements to earn additional damage to the creeps. But for composite, though its not its weakness, the effective tower for them is a Fire Tower, because it has a higher attack speed and can effectively eliminate all the fast approaching creeps.

Creep ElementsStrength / Weakness
Composite ArmorTakes 100% damage from Composite
Takes 90% damage from other elements
Darkness CreepTakes 50% damage from Water
Takes 200% damage from Light
Takes 100% damage from other elements
Light CreepTakes 50% damage from Darkness
Takes 200% damage from Earth
Takes 100% damage from other elements
Fire CreepTakes 50% damage from Nature
Takes 200% damage from Water
Takes 100% damage from other elements

Required Loadouts for Through the Woods

The required loadouts you need for “Through the Woods” are Light, Earth and Fire. Water is not needed for now.

Then the upgradable tower that you can use are the following:

  • Light: Lightning Tower 1 and Distant Thunder
  • Earth: Howitzer Tower 1

Defense Formation

For the initial defense, we have to protect our base from the Composite creep. So we need to build a strategic location that our Fire tower can shoot as many as possible. That location is at the center of the map. You can build two of these.

As the game progress, you need to build immediately another Fire tower at the strategic location at the bottom.

After that you’re free to build Light and Earth tower at the right corner and bottom. When you have enough gold, don’t forget to upgrade your Light tower to Lightning Tower 1 and the Earth tower to Howitzer Tower 1.

At the start of Wave 11, there will be new portal at the top and they will be take the path at the top right corner. So make sure to add a bunch of Light tower in that area.

Then fortify everything with Light and Earth tower. Don’t forget to upgrade them until you finish Wave 15. In total we have 14 towers constructed and 11 of them are upgraded.

Bonus Rewards (Slingshot Boss)

As we stated above, take this bonus when you have enough points for loadouts. To achieve this one, you need to build a lot of Earth Tower and upgrade it to Howitzer Tower 1.

The trick is you need to change the target of this tower to Strong and you may also turn on the Focus on. Since our Hawitzer tower is focusing on the Slingshot boss, you also need to put up a bunch of Light Tower and upgrade it to Lightning 1 for them to attack other creeps.

You may also watch our walkthrough video guide below for Through the Wood Mission 7.

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