How to Complete Paradise Lost (Chapter 1: M6) in Element TD 2

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For the single player campaign in Element TD 2, when you reached Mission 6 “Paradise Lost”, it is no longer easily to finish the stage as begins to become tougher even you’re playing a Normal Difficulty.

In this guide, we will help you complete this mission by a strategy that you can use to defeat the 15 wave of enemies.

Creep Elements

First, we have to know the details of the enemy creeps, its elements.

Creep ElementsStrength / Weakness
Earth CreepTakes 50% damage from Light
Takes 200% damage from Nature
Takes 100% damage from other elements
Composite ArmorTakes 100% damage from Composite
Takes 90% damage from other elements
Water CreepTakes 50% damage from Fire
Takes 200% damage from Darkness
Takes 100% damage from other elements
Nature CreepTakes 50% damage from Earth
Takes 200% damage from Fire
Takes 100% damage from other elements

Required Loadouts

Basically, the loadouts you need to defeat the creeps for this mission are Nature, Darkness and Fire.

You also need the following tower upgrades:

  • Darkness: Disease Tower
  • Darkness: Jinx Tower
  • Darkness: Onekill

Defense Formation

For forming your defenses, the first set of wave will begin on the bottom right corner portal. The elements appearing on that portal are Earth Creep, so you need a Nature tower against these enemies.

Since the starting gold is 450, we only need to put a Nature tower at the right and a Darkness tower at the center.

As the game progress, you need to form a triangular formation of Darkness tower at the center. And don’t forget to add a tower for the last defense, in case some creeps able to survive.

At the start of Wave 6, we have to sell a single tower from our triangular formation and move it into the top. We need two Darkness Tower at the top left corner. Then you need to collect 325 gold to upgrade one of that tower into Disease Tower 1.

Then you need to collect another 1000 gold to upgrade that disease tower into Jinx Tower.

We are all set, the last thing you need to do is to fortify more your defense, as you collect gold, build a tower immediately. Below is our final formation to complete this mission.

If you notice, we didn’t put any Fire tower in our formation, the reason why is some of the enemies spawn at Wave 13 to 15 are immune to fire and it will be a waste of resources to build it just for Nature creep only.

You may also watch our walkthrough video guide below.

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