How to Complete A Waste of Lands (Chapter 2: M8) in Element TD 2

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For the first mission in Chapter 2 in Element TD 2, we will be facing two portals from different sides where creeps can enter in opposite directions. This one is tougher because there are several elemental creep going out from a single portal and putting up a tower for their weakness will be useless. So what we only need to do is build a tower that will give us just 100% damage.

For this mission, we will be only using a Light tower with its available upgrade.

Creep Elements

This is just for reference, you don’t actually need this one since we are only using Light tower to defeat the waves.

Creep ElementsStrength / Weakness
Composite ArmorTakes 100% damage from Composite
Takes 90% damage from other elements
Nature CreepTakes 50% damage from Earth
Takes 200% damage from Fire
Takes 100% damage from other elements
Water CreepTakes 50% damage from Fire
Takes 200% damage from Darkness
Takes 100% damage from other elements
Darkness CreepTakes 50% damage from Water
Takes 200% damage from Light
Takes 100% damage from other elements

Tower that gives you 200% damage here is Fire, Darkness and Light.

Recommended Loadouts for A Waste of Lands

We recommend to only use Light tower for this mission as it is very effective which gives 100% to 200% damage to the different type of enemies.

Then we also need these upgrade for us to complete mission 8.

  • Light: Lightning Tower 1, Omniscience and Distant Thunder.

Defense Formation

For building our defenses for the initial wave, we have to form a triangular formation at the center of the map from both sides. Since Light tower has very long range, it can effectively distribute fire power to the enemies from the entrance and to the center path way and it can even reach the other side.

When we reach Wave 6, we need to change the target of our towers at the centers to Strong. This is very important so we can easily eliminate mini-bosses that are hiding from the swarm of enemies.

Since our center tower are focusing on the mini-bosses, we should have another triangular formation tower that will take care of weaker enemies. We can put these tower at the T-shape of both side.

As the wave increases and collecting more gold, make sure to complete the formation and upgrade them to Lightning tower accordingly. Below is our final formation.

Once done, you will be able to complete the Mission 8, A Waste of Land in Element TD 2. You may also watch our walkthrough video guide below for your reference.

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