Soup Pot is launching on Steam in August and you can cook Crispy Pork Belly

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You might have probably heard about this cooking game, it was formerly named as “Putahe ng Ina Mo”. Today, they just released their first game trailer with the new official title Soup Pot. The game allows you to cook different recipes like Filipino dishes such as Crispy Pata, Pork Belly, Ginisa and many many more.

The Developer of the game Chikon Club announces that they will be launching the game on PC via Steam in August. As well as on XBOX Series console.

The new game looks very similar to their previous game at, but Soup Pot added many features like more enhanced 3D renders of the ingredients and the satisfying look of the final dishes. It also features a social media like in-game cookbook that allows players to post their dishes.

The game will have a 100 different different recipes with hundreds of ingredients to choose from. And the outcome will depends on players creativity and methods. Players can also build your virtual audience in the game which allows your AI-audience to make supportive or sarcastic comments depending on how you cook the food and its result.

To get updated with the game, you can visit their official website at And if you want to play their previous game “Putahe ng Ina Mo”, you can check it at (

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