Silkroad Online SEA Server, Grand Launch Today

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Silkroad Online, the mobile version of the classic MMORPG, its grand launch is on 11th March, 4pm. You can download the game right now. Also there are many events with generous rewards on their FB page; the links are at the end of the article.

Silkroad Online is based on a recreation of the Silk Road and the environment throughout the seventh century. The fantasy game’s atmosphere is made up of the history, traditions, and myths of the various regions. The settlements you see in the game are the product of a massive amount of paperwork and historical research in order to construct a setting that is as similar to the 7th century as possible. The names of places and other names around the world are derived as directly as possible from historical names. Once you log into the game, you’ll see places like Jangan, the Donwhang Stone Cave entrances, and Constantinople, all of which were real sites. The resemblance in the presence and the virtual and the historical is enough to make the player feel like he has really gone back into history.

Many of Silkroad Online’s graphics are essentially designed to replicate the reality of the period to provide a historical feeling. But the monsters on the ground and the missions of the NPCs are based on the history and myth of that area and tailored to fit the game, Silkroad Online. So, in addition to the 7th century and reality-based perspective, there are mythological creatures for the players to chase, as well as a variety of quests from the tales to complete; all of this inherently combines history and mythology in the combination that Silkroad Online is.

Since the Merchant, Ranger, and Hunter are all designed to complement or oppose each other, a player can kill or be killed when engaged in a job task. The Merchant seeks to benefit by shipping unique cargo from one location to another, the Ranger seeks to profit through exploiting merchants by theft, and the Hunter is hired by the Merchant to protect him from Rangers. This type of formalized confrontational relationship fosters the development of appropriate, relevant PVP relationships.

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