Silkroad Online confirmed the launch date of its Southeast Asian servers, including the Philippines

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Silkroad Online confirmed the launch date of its Southeast Asian servers, including the Philippines

Silkroad Online is definitely one of the names associated with many gamers’ childhood, especially to the Generation X and Millennials.

Good news! Silkroad Online Mobile will launch in Southeast Asia (including the Philippines) on 11th March (TBD). And it’s available for both Android and iOS devices. Players who have previously participated in FB events or made reservations (still available) will be rewarded when they enter the game.

Silkroad Online is a mobile MMORPG that immerses players in ancient Chinese, Islamic, and European civilizations. In a nutshell, the Silk Road was a significant cultural and commercial crossroads. Roads that once bound ancient Asia and Europe have vanished into the annals of glory and adventure.

The origin of Silkroad Online is the reproduction during the 7th century of the Silk Road and the globe. The fantasy game’s atmosphere is made up of the history, tradition, and myths of the different regions. The cities you see in the game are the product of a great deal of documentation and consultation on historical studies so as to create a setting that is as similar as possible to the 7th century. The signs and other names of places around the world are derived as much and as similarly as possible from the names used in literature. When you join the game, you can see places like Jangan, Donwhang Stone Cave, and Constantinople as real places. The resemblance between the simulated and historical presence is adequate to make the players believe like they have truly retreated to history.

The combat is really short and flashy and is focused on character building skills. It was a sight to watch the World Championship players go with their fingers in continuous motion, as they selected various ways of attack on monsters and other players. They have had a long time to develop tournament characters before the match and most people said it wasn’t enough, and this reflects the system’s difficulty.

U1 Game, the publisher, is also dedicated to make regular free game patches, reminiscent of conventional expansion packs. This include new land, levels and abilities for players to discover and learn. On top of that, there are daily minor changes and bug fixes.

Many well-known YouTubers have experienced Silkroad Online

Unlike other MMORPGs with pre-determined materials, Silkroad Online is a living world. Merchants take risks for fun on the large paths, while Rangers plan to rob their merchandise. Despite the high danger of commerce, Hunters would be present to defend Merchants and bring an end to Rangers’ mischief. The first idea a player would have is of a vast universe that is only waiting to be discovered and shook up; a never-ending adventure.

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