How to use “Ready” Power Ability in Valheim

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When you or other players in Valheim defeated the boss in the game, players can obtain a trophy that can be hook on the Sacrificial stone which will unlock new abilities for players. If it’s your first to unlock this power like me, it is quite confusing on which keyboard keys to press to activate it. And there is only a “Ready” label underneath the boss like icon (The Elder, Eikthyr, Bonemass, Moder and Yagluth).

How to use Power Ability

To use the Ready power ability in Valheim, you need to press F on your keyboard.

List of All Power Abilities in Valheim

The following are the power abilities that you can obtain in Valheim. In the game its called Forsaken power.

BossPower Ability
EikthyrRunning and jumping stamina drain reduced by 60%
The ElderChop trees became faster
BonemassIncreased physical resistance
ModerAlways tailwind when sailing
YagluthIncrease elemental resistance to Frost, Fire and Poison

That’s it! Hope this short guide will help you activate the power ability of your Valheim character.

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