How to Teleport in Valheim

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Running from the middle of your adventure back to your base takes a lot of time especially the world of Valheim are so vast. In the beginning of the game, this is very helpful if you need to transport materials for crafting and building structures.

Table of Contents

  1. How to build a Teleport Portal
  2. How to get Fine Woods
  3. How to get Surtling Cores
  4. How to get Greydwarf

So, how do you teleport in Valheim? You basically needed an Portal to do this, the portal structure will only unlock on your building menu once you’ve obtain at least one of the every materials needed to build it.

To build a Teleport Portal in Valheim, you need the following materials:

  • 20 x Fine Woods
  • 10 x Greydwarf
  • 2 x Surtling core

However, portal is bi-directional, meaning you can only teleport from portal A to portal B or vice versa. Building another portal C to teleport to portal A or B is not possible, you need a new set of portal like portal C and D for them to work.

How to build a Teleport Portal

If you need help on getting the required materials, you can check below on how to get these individually. Once you’ve collected all of them, you need to build at least two portal in order for this to usable. Now, build a portal – example Portal A, then you need to add a name on it, example “Home”. At this point, it will say “Unconnected” since there is no connecting portal on it. No more than two portals can share a name or else it will override the oldest portal. Portals can be relinked whenever you want by renaming them. If you’re planning on putting a portal in a far away location whilst solo then make sure to place and name a portal in your base before leaving, otherwise you have a long trek home.

Now, go to the destination that you want to build the connecting portal, our Portal B. Build the structure and add the same label we used in Portal A “Home”.

Wait for a few seconds and it will successfully say “Connected”. Once you’re near to the portal, it will automatically lit up.

Once you’ve crossed inside the circle, you’ll automatically teleported to the other point.

How to get Fine Woods

You probably rarely loots a Fine Woods in Valheim, because it can only be looted from the Birch trees or Oak trees and it requires Bronze axe to destroy it. Getting a Bronze axe takes progression, so we will guide you on how to easily get fine woods in the game using these methods:

Wreck Ships – In the shore, there are several wreck ships scattered in these area. Look for these and destroy it with your axe. (Bonus: There is a chest underneath these ships that contains valuable items)

Trolls – Look for Trolls in the forest, they usually hang out near Caves dungeons. Lure them to nearby Birch or Oak trees and let them destroy these trees for you. Make sure you have enough health to this trick.

For two working portals, you need at least 40 pieces of Fine Woods.

How to get Surtling Core

You can get these from dungeon caves (Burial Chambers, Troll Cave), mostly these dungeon can be found in the Black Forest where Trolls are hanging out or in an secluded area.

Enter to these caves and usually it is guarded by a Skeleton warriors.

Look for the red magma like torch, these are the Surtling Core. If you’re lucky, you can get up to 7 Surtling Core at a single cave run. You need at least 4 to build two portals.

How to get Greydwarf

Among all of the listed materials, this is one is relatively easy. You probably looted this materials before and might just seating on your inventory. You can loot this material from it’s name, the Greydwarf monster. Get atleast 20 pieces of it to build two portals.

Now that you’ve finished building your portal, you can now easily go back to your base without running for a long time. However, items like Iron Ore or Copper Ore cannot be used in teleport, you need other ways to transport this either from running or using cargos.

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