How to Reconnect PLDT Disconnection

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For any reason, either of a busy schedule or simply unable to pay the overdue bill at the earliest time, you might be surprised one day that you can no longer connect to the internet. You were eventually showing up in the “Payment portal” of the PLDT when you tried to open a particular website. This time, you’ll know that you’re being disconnected and have to pay your dues. Getting a disconnection when you need the internet the most is troublesome; you need to pay the due amount, and you have to wait a couple of hours for the internet connection to go back. And sometimes, it takes days to be reinstated.

Table of Contents

  1. How to pay PLDT due bills online
  2. Request PLDT Reconnection through Hotline Number (171)
  3. Request PLDT Reconnection via Facebook
  4. What to do next

But did you know that there is the easiest way to restore your internet connection as fast as possible? This is by requesting a reconnection either from their hotline number or from their Facebook page. This is all automated, and you don’t have to talk to an actual person.

How to pay PLDT due bills online

There are many ways to pay your PLDT bills without going physically to the PLDT office, and there is also an accessing payment portal from the disconnection page portal when you try to access a website.

However, some online payment portal takes days to appear your payment. Here, we will list all of the payment portals that will process in just an hour or instantly.

Payment PortalHow to
UnionBank of the PhilippinesYou can pay through their app or website, go to Pay Bills, add PLDT as the biller and enter your account information. Then pay the due amount.
PaymayaOn PayMaya, there is a special section called Bills, where you can pay Telecoms like PLDT Home. Just enter the Account number, amount due, phone number, and service type. Then pay the amount due.

There is also a cashback that you can get when you pay through PayMaya.
PLDT Home websiteYou can also pay directly to the PLDT home website. Login and go to your account information. There should be a Pay Now button to pay through BancNet (It accepts any debit/credit card).

Request PLDT Reconnection through Hotline Number (171)

To request a PLDT reconnection, you can dial their hotline number 171. However, it is only available for Smart, Talk n’ Text, Sun Cellular, or PLDT phone subscriber. Calling from other networks is not currently possible.

  1. Press 1 to select existing PLDT customers.
  2. You’ll be asked with your PLDT number, including area code (e.g., 0838781111). You need to dial those numbers on the keypad.
  3. The automated customer service (ACS) will then repeat the number you’ve entered. If correct, you have to press 1. If not, press 2.
  4. After that, ACS will prompt that your internet connection was restricted, and you have to pay the remaining dues.
  5. Since we already paid for it. Press 2 to request for reconnecting. If you want to know your outstanding balance, press 1.
  6. The ACS will then validate the reconnection request, and you’ll be expecting 2 hours for your connection to be fully restored.
  7. If two hours have passed and there is still no internet connection. You can press 1 at this point to fasten the request.

It took about 2 hours or less for your connection to be restored. The time may also vary on how many days you have been disconnected.

Request PLDT Reconnection via Facebook

You can also request via PLDT’s official Facebook page or to their messenger at

  1. Press Get Started to request reconnection.
  2. It will then asked you to accept their Terms of Service (TOS) and Privacy Policy. You have to press I accept to proceed.
  3. Then, you have to press Go to main menu to select for options.
  4. From here, it will ask you if you’re an existing PLDT Home subscriber. Press Yes.
  5. Then you’ll be asked to prepare your account number and telephone number. Press Proceed.
  6. Then from here, it will ask you for your telephone number, including the area code. (eg. 0838781111)
  7. Then, it will ask for your 10-digit PLDT account number. Just add an 0 at the start if your account number is only 9-digit.
  8. Then you’ll be ask what you’d like for help. You have to select Billing Services.
  9. From here, scroll to the right and select Reconnection Request.
  10. Then it will ask you for some important details about reconnection. Just press Proceed.
  11. If you recently request for reconnection, it will prompt you that the reconnection request is still ongoing. If not, press Yes to proceed with the request.
  12. You may also choose to Receive Update for you to get updates with the status of your reconnection. It will ask you for the following details:
    • Previous amount paid (eg. 1,999.00)
    • Payment date (MM/DD/YYYY)
    • Payment method (PLDT branch, PayMaya, Online Banking, 7-Eleven, etc…)
    • Payment Reference number
    • Your email-address
    • Your updated mobile number

What to do next

Since we already paid and request reconnection for our disconnected internet. The thing that you need to do now is to wait. If you settled your bill during the evening, the chances of getting a reconnection are from 1 hour to 8 hours. Some may get their connection reconnection the next day.

If it’s on the day, you’ll probably get it restored in the 2 to 4 hours. If it’s been the whole day and you still didn’t get your internet connection back, you can speak to an Agent to prioritize your request.

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