How to Change GPS location on Web Browser (Google Chrome, Edge and Firefox)

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Do you have website or service that you want to use that only available on certain area? Aside from VPN technology, some website starting to use GPS location to recognize the location of their customer or readers when using their services. There are lots of risky third party app that do this thing, but did you know that you can do this inside your browser? without installing harmful third party app that could damage your computer.

You can change your GPS location by just opening the Developer tools of your web browser, this is available on Google Chrome, Edge and Firefox. Click the 3 dot/hamburger icon on the upper right corner of your browser > go to More tools > Developer Tools.

Then you need to go to Sensors, to unlock this, click the 3 dot, More tools > then find Sensors.

From here, you there will be a settings for Location, click Manage.

Then, click Add location…. There will be a new row that you can edit your GPS location. Let’s say you want to change your location to Davao City, you just need to enter the following GPS coordinates (Latitude, Longitude).

  • Location Name: Davao City
  • Latitude: 7.190001
  • Longitude: 125.455001
  • Timezone ID: Asia/Manila
  • Locale: en_US

After that, click Add. You can then close the small x button inside the Developer Tools. (Note: Do not close the Developer Tools).

Back to the Sensor tab, at Location, pick the new GPS location you added. In our example, Davao City. (There are some instances that the value are greyed out, in which the mock location will not work, to make it work, you just need to pick another location, then pick back the location you want to use)

In the same tab where the Developer tools is opened, you can then go to the website that you want to use your new GPS location.

To check your new GPS location, go to Google Map ( At the bottom right corner of the map, click the Crosshair icon. If there is a pop-up saying “Google Maps does not have permission to use your location”, just click the Pin icon at the web browser URL to enable location.

That’s it guys! Hope this guide helps you change your GPS location from your web browser.

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