Attack on Titan fan-made game gets First-person mode

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Developed by an indie developer named Swammy, a new fan-made game based on the Attack on Titan will allow players to experience the anime series in first-person mode. Players will be playing as a member of the scout regiment where they will be facing the Titans invading the Shiganshina District. Upcoming update will also allow the player to face the final boss, as of now this is on development.

Since the game is fan-made, it is FREE to download and you can grab the game at their official game distribution site GameJolt at

The game was originally developed as a fun side project of the lone developer, Swammy, to just explore the physics system of a certain game engine, then applied to his final project named Aftershock where it has a grapple system needed to complete the project. The developer was also a big fan of Shingeki No Kyogin where he downloaded the art assets from Guedin’s project to make his own version. Unexpectedly, players around the globe notice the game and exploded in different social media channels. As of writing, the game page official views count now reaches 95,000.

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