Twitch Streamer earns PHP 800K by Streaming himself sleeping

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Sleep is essential to everyone’s health, but could also be a key to a streamer’s wealth. Though it is a night full of broken sleep, this 26-year-old Twitch streamer goes by the name of “Asian Andy” made a whooping PHP 800,000 in one single night of streaming. He filmed himself while sleeping and letting his viewers disturb him.

Andy set up a text-to-speech recognition so viewers could send a message by means of donation, the message will then read aloud in each donation. He also set up an Alexa beside him in which this orally translated message was converted into a command that will either play loud music, imitate a dog barking or make his alarm clock go on or off.

His viewers make fun of him by instructing Alexa to play blasting music, sending him funny messages and even scaring him that someone was at the window next to his bed.

After the 8-hour “sleep stream”, Andy was surprised by the huge amount of money he received and thanked his viewers by their generosity. “I used to drive Uber for $16 an hour”, he said. 

You can also watch Andy’s full stream below.

Aside from Twitch, there are other people who made similar trends. Last year, an Indonesian YouTuber posted a video of himself sitting on his couch, doing nothing for 2 hours straight just staring into the camera. The YouTube video garnered around 4 million views. You can also watch the 2-hour doing nothing video here:

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