How to repair tools or weapons in Valheim

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Never throw your damage item. If you’re like me who just throw their equipment in trash once its durability becomes depleted, after an hour of grinding. Then crafting a new one to continue the job. Most of you that stumble here probably do not know how or where to repair their tools or weapons in Valheim. Repairing an equipments in Valheim will save you a lot of resources especially materials that are expensive to find, since repairing tools is completely free.

In this guide, we will help you understand how repair works on Valheim.

How to repair items

You can repair your tools and weapons at the Workbench, go to your workbench and access it. (Note: Your workbench should have a roof in order for it to use).

Access the workbench and at the right corner of the screen inside the pop-up window, there should be an Hammer button that when you hover that says Repair an item.

Click on it until all of your tools, weapons or equipment completely repaired. This is free so you can repair any item as many as you want.

That’s it! You can now continue your adventure on Valheim. You can also check out our walkthrough tutorials below.

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