How to Offline Battle in Ragnarok Mobile

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Ragnarok M Eternal Love latest update on the RO 2.0 includes an offline mode where players can now grind in the game even not going online. This is very helpful for players who has no time grinding on the game.

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  1. How to purchase Offline Battle Certificate
  2. How to use offline Battle
  3. Difference of Offline Battle to AFK grinding

However, Offline Battle doesn’t come FREE, it requires players to pay for the monthly Premium which cost around PHP 389 (5 USD). It includes an consumable 31 days of Offline Battle Certificate. (Premium pass in Exchange doesn’t include Offline Battle Certificate).

How to purchase Offline Battle Certificate

Go to Recharge (Big Cat Coin Store), then go to Premium tabs. The monthly premium pack will be listed here, purchase the current premium. You can purchase up to 3 premium per month.

Once you’ve purchase the monthly Premium, you will receive an separate in-game mail titled, Purchase the premium bonus gift. It contains the item Battle Offline certificate which can be viewed on your inventory.

The Offline Battle Certificate is a redeemable item, when used it will enable the Offline Battle for 31 days. Remaining days can also be accumulated, which means you can open another certificate to add another 31 days. When use, the item will be gone in your inventory.

Once you’ve activated the Offline Battle Certificate, you can now grind offline. (We don’t know if the computation is by days or by minutes, we will update this post once we’ve confirmed it).

How to use Offline Battle

To use this feature, what you need to do is just go to your farming spot.

Press the Battle Icon, at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Then select the Monsters you want to grind, you can also set the duration of the battle. Default is 450 mins (7.5 Hours). However, the maximum duration is limited to 900 mins (15 hours).

Once you’ve click Start, it will asked you to confirm. “Switching to Offline Mode will redirect to the login page. Continue?”. Press Confirm to proceed. This will logout you into the game and can safely turn off the game app.

That’s it! Your character will be their on the spot grinding just like you’re farming on your desktop computer or from your mobile phones.

Difference of Offline Battle to AFK grinding

The Offline Battle in Ragnarok 2.0 is similar to AFK grinding, the only difference is you no longer need to turn on your computer or mobile phone to farm your loots of levels.

Surprisingly, when in Offline Battle mode, your character will still appear on the game. Which means other players can still see your character grinding on your favorite spot.

Same as AFK grinding, you still need to fill up your pots (potion and mana) for your character to stay alive when being offline.

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  • Ragnarok Professional Grinder January 29, 2022 5:49 pm

    during offline battle, your character does not have any server lag, this is important for stellar hunters and other auto attack builds to grind efficiently


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