How to level up workbench in Valheim

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If you’ve been wondering how level up works in Valheim, probably you notice this in the number sign on your item’s upgrades section. You might be thinking that it has something to do with your character’s level or something, but it’s not the case, its about the requirement level of your workbench where you can upgrade your items.

Table of Contents

  1. How to level up Workbench
  2. How to upgrade items (tools, weapons and equipments)
  3. Craft new items

Levelling up your workbench in Valheim allows players to upgrade their items and progress in the game. This will improved the quality, durability and damage points.

How to level up Workbench

So how do you level up your workbench in Valheim? You need a Chopping Block and Tanning rack structure to level it up. You need to build these structures beside your workbench, each structure will increase the level by 1.

To build Chopping Block, you need the following materials:

  • 10 x Wood
  • 10 x Flint

To build Tanning rack, you need the following materials:

  • 10 x Wood
  • 15 x Flint
  • 20 x Leather Scraps
  • 5 x Deer hide

After that, your workbench should automatically level up once the structured is build.

Once it level up, you can now craft or upgrade materials that requires higher level.

How to upgrade items (tools, weapons and equipments)

After this, you can now then upgrade your items (tools, weapon or an equipments).

Go to the workbench, then open the Upgrade tabs. From here, you can select which of the items you can upgrade. The one with full white progression are upgradeable and you need required materials to level up its quality.

For example, upgrading an Stone axe to 2 which requires:

  • 2 x Stone

Craft new items

Since you already level up your workbench, those craftable item that requires above level 1 can now be crafted.

Example craftable items that requires level 2 and above.

  • Deer hide cape
  • Troll hide cape
  • Stagbreaker
  • Flinthead arrow
  • Fire arrow
  • Troll leather pants
  • Troll leather tunic
  • Leather pants
  • Leather tunic

You can also watch the quick walkthrough gameplay on how to level up workbench below.

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