How to Build quick Outpost in Valheim

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Looking for ideal outpost that you can build in Valheim? In this guide, we will cover some ideal outpost design that you can build whenever you are adventuring in difference places in Valheim and these guide is ideal for players who has limited resources that they can quickly deploy.

Table of Content

  1. Building quick Outpost
  2. Quick outpost with Storage Box
  3. List of ideal outpost design

Before anything else, we need to find a flat surface where we will place our outpost. To avoid using excess pole, you may also flatten the land using a Hoe, make sure it fits the 3×3 m dimension.

Building quick Outpost

For our first outpost, we will be building a basic one that can accommodate beds, crafting station and other important structure like Chopping block or Tanning rack. (Mats for Chopping block and tanning rack are not included in the computation). You need 90 Woods and 9 Stones to complete this outpost.

Now, we will be forming the 3×2 m box shape foundation, prep a 1×1 m on the top for our fireplace. We can use a Wood pole 1m as footing and an Wood beam 2m as a floor framing. You need at least 20 x Woods for this task.

  • 4 x Wood pole 1m
  • 9 x Wood beam 2m

We can then remove the Wood beam on the front center, this will allow us to walk fluidly when we attached ladder on it on the next part. 2 x Woods will be returned in your inventory after this step.

We can then place our floor on the beam foundation. Use Wood floor 2×2 and at the front place a stair a Wood stair. You need at least 14 x Woods on this step.

  • 1 x Wood stair
  • 6 x Wood flor 2×2

After that, we can now build our walls, this time make a T-shape curve placing the 1×1 fireplace on the top. You need at least 22 x Woods.

  • 11 x Wood wall

Now, use your Hoe to elevate the land surface of our fireplace and afterwards put up the campfire on it. Make sure your campfire is facing 90 degrees so that the smoke won’t fill your outpost. You need at least 9 x Stones and 2 x Woods on this part.

  • 1 x Campfire
  • 1 x Raise Ground

We can then put up our roof. You can use a 26 degrees Thatch roof o-corner for the 4 corners and for two sides. You need at least 12 x Woods for our roofs.

  • 4 x Thatch roof o-corner 26 degrees
  • 2 x Thatch roof 26 degrees

To seal our outpost, don’t forget the Wood door. You need at least 4 x Woods.

  • 1 x Wood door

Now, we can build our Crafting station inside our house and remove the one outside so we have remaining woods for our beds. You need at least 18 x Woods for items inside our outpost.

  • 1 x Crafting Station
  • 1 x Bed

That’s it! You need a total of 90 Woods and 9 Stones to complete your quick outpost.

Quick outpost with Storage box

If you have spare woods and wanted your outpost to have a storage box, you can also expand your outpost by just adding a half Wood wall on it. First, clear out the roof. You need an additional 68 Woods to complete this expanded outpost.

Then we will place a half Wood wall on our walls. At the back, skip the T-shape and just place it straight to save some woods.

At the front, our extended wall will look like this. This step requires 20 x Woods.

Then, place back the Thatch roof we’ve removed earlier.

Inside, you can place a single 2×2 Wood floor under the bed footboard. Though you can place another one on the head area, but it will create a camera stuttering once your character wake up after sleep. Then place a Chest on top of it. You need 12 x Woods on this part.

  • 1 x Wood floor (2×2)
  • 1 x Chest

Then at the work bench, you can add up to 3 Wood floor and 3 Chest. You need 36 x Woods for this.

  • 3 x Wood floor (2×2)
  • 3 x Chest

That’s it! In addition, you need a total of 158 Woods and 9 Stones for an outpost with storage boxes.

List of ideal Outpost Design

Since, you already know the quickest way to build an outpost. We will also listed here some ideal outpost design from the community. (If you want to add your own design here, leave a comment down below)

Outpost DesignPictures
The Tower Outpost (2x2x7)

Structure Requires:
– 144 Woods
– 9 Stones

Optional Structures:
– Up to 40 Chest
– Chopping Blocks

Make an half Wood floor to stalk up Chest.

The Mini Outpost (2x2x2)

Structure Requires:
– 70 Woods
– 9 Stones

Optional Structures:
– Up to 6 Chest
– Chopping Blocks

Add a half wood floor to stalk up two chest from the floor. At the top, add two 1×1 floor for the workbench and another half wood for two chests.

You may also watch our step-by-step guide on building quick outpost on Valheim.

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